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Spaulding Ridge Business Technology Assessment

A cost-effective way to start driving operational efficiency.


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Managed Services

Get on the path to efficiency with a Business Technology Assessment

When bringing in outside help for your tech stack, prioritizing the most important issues can make a big difference to your bottom line. Spaulding Ridge’s Business Technology Assessment for Managed IT Services lets us assess what you need, identify risks, and plan to support your systems better. In just the first two weeks of working together, we’ll make sure you have the resources to succeed.

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Let’s get your systems working, scaling, and thriving.

As the kickoff for a Managed IT Services project, a Business Technology Assessment provides immediate results—and a good foundation for better work going forward.

In the first two weeks, our team will:
1. Confirm your needs and your priorities to ensure optimal alignment.
2. Walk through your systems together to assess your current technology stack.
3. Review your documentation to identify pressing issues & punch list.​
4. Document and deliver our report of findings to guide our work. ​

Grow Smart® with Spaulding Ridge Managed Services​

At Spaulding Ridge, we provide Managed IT Services that are cost-effective and comprehensive – let us worry about the maintenance so you can focus on what your business does best. ​


Get the Red OUT

The #1 reason organizations seek out Managed IT Services is to handle broken processes and systems. By beginning our work with a Business Technology Assessment, we can give you a plan for getting your platform back to a healthy state.​

Keep the Lights On

Managing day-to-day platform operations is essential to business getting done—and often unnecessarily time-consuming. Our services can make sure the important tasks are completed without eating up staff time.​

Knock Out a Punch List

Major projects, mergers, and more can be time intensive. Spaulding Ridge can give you extra hands for the most work-intensive parts of your projects, letting your team focus on driving results.​

Ensure Best Practices

Technical debt can bog down your system and make it hard to change. We can make sure your platform is built and managed using best practices, giving you greater agility to meet new needs while getting users the updates they need on a routine basis.​

Download the Business Technology Assessment Guide

Want to go further in-depth on how a business technology assessment could get your organization set up for success with Managed IT Services?

Jessica Cook

Meet our Expert

Jessica Cook

Director, Managed Services

Helping organizations manage their cloud spend while maximizing the value of their cloud applications.