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Everything Your Software Support Team Hopes They Never Need

Emergency Survival Guide

In today’s business landscape, companies rely heavily on cloud technologies to support their day-to-day operations. However, unexpected situations such as an administrator leaving or tools collapsing can leave a business in a state of emergency. Spaulding Ridge’s Managed Services team is prepared to stabilize and maximize your cloud technologies, whether we’re helping you through an emergency or making sure you never truly have one.

Gain peace of mind knowing that your business is prepared to face any crisis.

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Your Support Team is Gone

What do you do if you only have two weeks to prepare?

Num 1 01
Put Together a Schedule​

Two weeks goes by quickly. Know what you are doing and when you are doing it.

Num 1 02
Assess Current Staffing​

Consult with Spaulding Ridge on potential staffing scenarios (we’ve seen it all!).

Num 1 03
Conduct Architecture Review​

Let’s get an understanding of where your models are at today.​

Num 1 04
Identify Unique Challenges​

What specifically related to your technology will cause the most headaches? ​

Who can help?

Client Executive Sponsor(s)​

Client Technology Owner(s)​

*typically, this is who is leaving​

Spaulding Ridge Engagement Manager

Spaulding Ridge Upcoming Technology Owner

Managed Services Specialist
Knowledge Transfer

Through a deep dive of your current system setup, business processes, and pain points, our Managed Services team will be able to share an assessment of current configuration risks, suggested best practices, backlog priorities and dependencies, and start adding value right away.”​

Jessica Cook | Managed Services Specialist, Spaulding Ridge

Time to Execute

Spaulding Ridge does more than just keep the lights on – we continue to keep the existing tools evergreen, alive, and growing as we take over the technology from the soon departing internal tech resources. ​

The goal is always to keep transitions​ as smooth as possible. ​

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Director of FP&A

“I’ve been very pleased with the partnership…[Spaulding Ridge] has been a strong resource for us to lean on in a time of need and we have felt like a valued customer since day one of the relationship.”

Explore the Sonos story

Director of FP&A, Sonos
You’ve been searching for an internal admin, but haven’t had any luck…

What do you do?​

What we review as we get started:​

Num 1 01
What are your goals?​

Which technologies do you need us to support?

Num 1 02
Architecture Review & Staff Identification​

Let’s get an understanding of where your models are at today and who your internal stakeholder is.

Num 1 03
When would we kick off?​

We will build a timeline together to meet your goals.

The 90-day Onboarding Plan

Days 1-30
Days 31-90
We’ll assess and prioritize client needs – these include keeping the lights on, admin functionality, enhancements that might be needed prior to next process run, and internal enablement.​ Once we are up and running, we will communicate regularly to ensure we are aligned in our focus and moving towards autonomy, no matter how long it takes.​
Managed Services Specialist
Onboard your team & share business challenges.​

“The admin pool isn’t huge right now due to new and ever-changing technologies, and it understandably takes a while to learn. Offloading that work to our experts in the field lets our clients work and adapt much faster.”​

Oliver Stahl | Managed Services Specialist, Spaulding Ridge

Be Prepared for Any Emergency

The best next step is to let us know how we can support your administration needs.

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