Hyperion Replacement

Hyperion was once a great product, and used to be considered ‘best in class’ for CPM systems. The Spaulding Ridge team includes many veterans of the Hyperion world. But after 12 years under the control of Oracle, Hyperion is no longer the state of the art. OneStream includes many revolutionary advancements that make Hyperion seem old fashioned. If your organization still uses Hyperion, or is considering making a migration to Oracle’s new “Cloud Service” EPM solutions, we urge you to consider OneStream.

Spaulding Ridge offers a service called H2O (Hyperion to OneStream). H2O is a FREE, 2-day workshop where our CPM experts will sit down with your team, map out a migration path from Hyperion to OneStream, and conduct a cost-benefit analysis of the migration. And if you ultimately choose to make the move to OneStream, no one is better suited to guide you through the process than Spaulding Ridge. To date, hundreds of customers have made the switch to from Oracle-Hyperion to OneStream. Not one has made the switch from OneStream to Oracle-Hyperion. Some of the advantages OneStream has over Hyperion include:

  • One license for all functionality (consolidations, financial reporting, planning, capex planning, people planning, analytics, account reconciliation, tax provisioning, and more)
  • One user interface for all finance functions, rapid user adoption
  • Single data model for all financial data, no integration required
  • Choice of on-premise vs. Cloud deployment. Your choice, and the ability to migrate either way anytime without cost or effort
  • Fastest customer support time in the business, most incidents addressed in < 5 minutes
  • 100% Customer Success rate, relentless dedication to customer success
  • Extensible Dimensionality™ allows for maximum flexibility in designing your CPM application
  • Robust audit trail for all finance functions, every change is logged and recorded
  • Easy integration with all open ERP systems and subledger systems
  • No more badgering from Oracle reps trying to sell you other Oracle products

Still running some legacy version of Hyperion? Contact us to request an H2O workshop and get an idea of what OneStream can do for your organization.

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