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Create value in your portfolio by applying operational best practices using technology.

Private Equity companies can get the most out of their investments by leveraging a cohesive technology stack that delivers best practice processes to empower their portfolio to grow. Spaulding Ridge gives private equity the tools to drive scalability and create sustainable success for all investment strategies.


Different investment strategies don’t lead to different technology challenges

Learn more on how to face these challenges head on with our tailored solutions.

Regardless of investment strategy, roll ups, mergers, and carve outs all face similar challenges when planning for technology implementations and integrations.

What to expect
  • Hard to integrate information systems
  • Siloed and uncleansed data sets
  • Duplicative technology stack

We know what challenges you are facing with each investment type



Roll Ups

Acquisitive growth creates siloed business processes and data sets, making it difficult to leverage one data set for cross-sell, upsell and customer support functions.

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Mergers often leads to duplicative technologies leveraged for similar processes, creating additional operating expenses and impacting the employee experience.

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Carve Outs

When separating organizations, NewCo’s must split or implement new technology platforms to replace non-conveying tools in timelines to support critical business functions.

Our team has created technology solutions for each investment type



Roll Ups

Our Acquisition Integration playbook has been developed and refined over time. Templated frameworks include capabilities around: SKU catalog, data migration workbenches, whitespace reporting capabilities and more.

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Spaulding Ridge will evaluate current state processes and technologies to understand the business needs and make recommendations on how best to approach an updated, or an entirely new, technology stack.

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Carve Outs

Our team of experts will develop implementation plans to deliver a MVP product within TSA timelines, while implementing best practice release management – allowing clients to continue developing the platform post go-live.

53% of private equity firms now see technology as a key competitive differentiator that enhances their capabilities.

Quicker implementations, quicker realized value

When you’re welcoming a new company into your portfolio, speed is essential. We identify business-critical needs to implement a minimum viable product quicker, ensuring technologies are in place to support the business.
Spaulding Ridge delivers digital transformations leveraging strategies that fit your organization’s needs:


Project Management

Greenfield Implementation
Stand up a brand-new environment with scalable configurations that align to new business processes.

Work Management

Org Consolidation
Split platform components used for divested company’s requirements into its own New Org to accommodate GTM climate post-transaction.


Accelerate Onboarding
Quickly onboard your new acquisition into your existing environment with their own bespoke workflows and configurations.

Digital Transformation 2

Org Split
Split one environment into multiple to accommodate new selling climate post-M&A activity.

Our proven offerings drive realized value for your stakeholders


Spaulding’s offerings allow for faster time to cross-sell with accelerated product readiness. Target your customers with tailored messaging based on which products or services they have not purchased yet.

  • – SKU rationalization
  • – New Product Introduction (NPI) deployment template
  • – Active contract data engineering template
  • – Product lifecycle management enablement
  • – Account whitespace analysis & targeting
  • – Sales productivity analysis



Book business faster for complex contracts involving multiple subsidiaries. Pull reports that give your team instant, accurate insight into client financial health based on defined attributes with automated prioritization scoring.

  • – Cross-sell & multi-subsidiary ordering accelerator
  • – Optimized multi-year contracting accelerator
  • – Chassi back-office assessment
  • – Client health insights
  • – PE baseline analytics


Securely run multi-business unit operations with refined DevOps practices. Deploy solutions in a fraction of the time it took yesterday and reduce overall license cost.

  • – Commercial operations assessment 
  • – Org merge data migration assessment
  • – M&A roll-up Quick Start
  • – Add-on Quick Start

You’ve acquired a company. Now what?


Closing the deal is just the first step. When you’re adding a new company to your portfolio, merging multiple businesses, or carving out a business, you need a strategic partner that considers your goals, timeline, and systems. We deliver a tailored approach from evaluation through execution.

Partner –

Work with our experts, who have deep expertise implementing digital transformations with Private Equity and Mergers & Acquisition customers.

Analyze –

Gain stakeholder alignment using a tailormade assessment that delivers a cohesive roadmap aligned to the organization’s priorities.

Execute –

Implement turnkey solutions and assets to accelerate build timelines to support your investment strategy.

Achieve –

Reach sustainable success by streamlining processes and enhancing technologies to deliver long term value for an organization.

Unsure Where to Start? We Can Help.

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