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Adopt operational best practices. Achieve maximum profitability.

For private equity and VC firms, a stronger market is no guarantee of success. Creating maximum value in a competitive landscape will take efficiency and agility at every stage of the private equity lifecycle.

Spaulding Ridge’s digital transformation experts give PE firms the guidance they need to build roadmaps during diligence, and the support they need to enable the roadmap through effective project and program execution.

Through our experience serving private equity firms navigating mergers, acquisitions, rollups, carveouts, and more, we’ve built solutions that work, on the accelerated timelines that the industry requires. Talk to us about how we can help.


Smart Growth for Every Growth Strategy

Private equity firms need a partner that understands their growth models and their needs at each stage. However you’re building your portfolio, Spaulding Ridge can handle your technical challenges through rollups, mergers and carve-outs.

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Our Offerings for Each Stage

Our Offerings for Each Stage

Strategy Meets Technology

As a partner to connected enterprises, Spaulding Ridge uses technology to solve business problems. What can we do for you?

For the Office of the CIO

Reducing technical debt through technology governance is difficult enough for single companies. For a company that has countless duplicated functions across its portfolio, it’s even harder. Get rationalized technology operations with Spaulding Ridge.


For the Office of the CRO

Drive net-new customer acquisition and account white space penetration for acquisitions, NewCos, and rollups. Whether you’re setting up your commercial operations tech stack, deploying new products, rationalizing SKUs, setting coherent sales targets, or analyzing your sales productivity, we can help you do it better.


For the Office of the CFO

Give your team instant, accurate insights to make and justify strategy, keep operating expenses low, manage close processes, and ensure overall business health post diligence. Get to certainty on financial numbers to achieve better results through better planning.


A step-by-step process for standing up new companies.

Establishing your NewCo for long-term success as an independent company will be critical to your success. Spaulding Ridge’s approach gives you the right steps for your technology and your people and processes, making sure you’re set up.

Meet our team of experts.

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Managing Partner
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