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The experts at Spaulding Ridge bring next generation of business technology for retail.


Spaulding Ridge delivers the next generation of business technology to support high-tech experiences and prudent financial management. Discover best-in-cloud solutions that maximize impact.

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Unified Commerce Starts with Flexible, Reliable, and Performant Cloud-Native Planning Technologies.

The retail industry requires companies to balance the art and science of planning in response to the various economic, environmental, and societal factors influencing consumer decisions. Unpredictable and unprecedented external factors are forcing retailers to re-evaluate the technologies supporting their organization in favor of solutions that let them tailor, test-and-learn (i.e., fail fast), and deploy solutions quickly to appease consumer demand without significant investments. Businesses also need an operating model that can adapt to the ever-changing expectations of service levels and customer experience. So, how is this managed? Is AI/ML the answer to all these challenges, or can transformation be as simple as innovations in business process engineering?

Spaulding Ridge, Your Trusted Anaplan Advisory and Implementation Partner

What we do for Retail
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Supply Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Event Planning
  • Purchase Order Planning
  • Long Range Planning
  • Op Ex/ Cap Ex Planning
  • Assortment Planning
  • Allocation and Replenishment
  • Workforce Planning
  • Purchase Order Planning
  • Localization Planning
  • Price Optimization
  • Go-to-Market Planning
  • and More…

Certified Anaplanners


Anaplan Projects


Unique Clients

We enable leading organizations across the following capabilities:

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Holistic Financial Planning & Analysis

If total profit and loss (P&L) management, cash flow statement and balance sheet generation, or general ledger/account-level planning are challenging for you, let our Anaplan experts transform your financial planning capabilities to support your strategic growth objectives from top-down to bottom-up planning and reconciliation.

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Workforce Planning & Enablement

Managing the workforce of the future can be a challenge across corporate, supply chain, and key seasonal or event-driven time periods. With our extensive Anaplan expertise, we can assist you in generating headcount plans inclusive of compensation drivers, operational expenditures, service area allocations, and even federal and state legal regulations.

Legal Agreements & Standards

Effective management of the contract lifecycle can be instrumental to driving and maintaining relationship health with key suppliers and service partners. Our DocuSign CLM experience can help manage your organization’s Legal workflows to maximize efficiency through contract automation, standardization, and templating.

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Direct & Indirect Procurement

Healthy management and operations of procurement capabilities is the difference between delivering key goods, materials, and products on-time and sustainably for your customers. By utilizing our Coupa and DocuSign solutions, you can standardize, automate, and drive alignment to key terms and conditions, rates, and templating for all supplier agreements

Inventory Supply Chain
Merchandising & Product Development

The age-old need for the right product at the right time and at right place has never been more relevant due to external factors complicating raw material and goods procurement across the supply chain. Let our Anaplan experts help guide your connected planning journey, enabling integrated, omnichannel, product-level financial and assortment planning, allocation, replenishment, and price planning capabilities.

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Sales, Marketing & Event Planning

Balancing consumer demand with aging inventory levels has always required retail companies to manage their assortment/product offering to ensure sale-driving events are precisely and correctly timed. Using deep learning insights, Spaulding Ridge’s Anaplan experts can help plan and optimize your seasonal, new offering introduction, promotional, and markdown event planning capabilities for the enterprise.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Disruption from external factors continues to strain retailers in planning, procuring, receiving, and distributing goods and products across selling channels. Through Anaplan, we can support transformation in production, supply, demand, and fulfillment method planning capabilities through AI-driven analytics, ensuring that your product is available for your customers, where and when they need it.

Store Planning & Operations

Digital presences continue to further influence consumer shopping behaviors. Now, retailers find themselves challenging notions of disparate, channel-specific operations in favor of bridging digital, brick-and-mortar, and off-price experiences together for a consistent brand experience. Our Anaplan experts can partner with your organization to ensure that your associates are equipped to support the shopping and fulfillment journey across all selling channels for your organization.

Information Technology (IT)

Spaulding Ridge’s cloud-native offerings ensure that your enterprise operates, integrates, and sustains omnichannel capabilities, at-scale, through real-time integrations and reliable platform performance. Our service lines ensure that your technology ecosystem maintains a low total cost of ownership with the support needed to expand your investments.

Move away from spreadsheets and legacy financial systems

Reach your goals and enhance visibility within Retail with Spaulding Ridge, a strategic Anaplan implementation partner.

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