Community Cloud

Unifying Sales, Operations and Finance with Salesforce

Business Needs:

  • Customer Collaboration
  • Partner Relationship Management
  • Employee Relationships
  • Personalized Experiences
  • Knowledgebase
  • Self-Service
  • Integrated Data

Our Clients: Customers today expect personalized experiences that help them get the information they need, when they want it, and in the format, they want to communicate in. Companies need a way to interact with customers, partners, and employees while seamlessly sharing the data they need to see without access to information they shouldn’t see.

The Salesforce Community Cloud allows companies to connect customers, partners, and employees with each other and the data they need to get work done.


Leverage Spaulding Ridge’s Community Cloud Solutions

With Spaulding Ridge’s Communities Cloud solutions, we focus on creating a personalized user experience that keeps your team engaged and focused on what matters most.

At Spaulding Ridge, our goal is to create a deeply engaging place to allow you to connect with your customers, partners or employees. Whether you aim to make it easier for your customers to grow their businesses or give your employees the best onboarding experience, our team will work with you to build the right solution to engage your users.


  • Allow your customers to self-serve. Salesforce gives you the framework to allow your customers to reach you in multiple ways on their own time without any agent involvement.
  • Higher sales conversions. Salesforce allows your partners to collaborate with you on deals real-time allowing you to make deals happen
  • Engaged employee experience. Using a Salesforce Community for your employees can provide a better onboarding or training experience.
  • Connected Data. Since the Salesforce Community Cloud is tied to the rest of the Salesforce platform, you don’t have to enter information in multiple systems to provide visibility.
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