SpringCM is a secure cloud platform that manages contracts and all types of documents seamlessly across desktop, mobile and partner applications like Salesforce. SpringCM provides customers with powerful document workflows tailored to their business processes to accelerate team collaboration and close deals faster. Do you want to increase the productivity of your sales and legal teams by 20%, and gain time and control through better document management processes? SpringCM goes beyond standard contract and document management with advanced workflows that automate manual tasks and complex processes to shorten contract cycles from weeks to days and speed time-to-revenue.

Access Documents Anywhere

  • Simple desktop and mobile applications allow you to access, modify and deliver documents from anywhere at anytime
  • Documents are automatically synced from your computer or mobile device, so up-to-date material is always at your fingertips

Automate Workflows

  • Document workflows are designed to meet your unique business processes and needs
  • Eliminate manual steps, speed up approvals and reduce risk

Generate, Negotiate and Sign Contracts Quickly

  • Shorten the contract phase of your sales cycle
  • Generate new contracts from pre-approved templates
  • Track versions through negotiation
  • Automatically route for approvals
  • Integrate e-signature applications like EchoSign or DocuSign

Manage Permission and Ensure Compliance

  • Control user access
  • Reduce organizational risk
  • Set access restrictions on template fields, documents and folders without IT intervention
  • Detailed audit trail available with date, time stamp and archiving features

Let Spaulding Ridge Help

Ready to take the next step and implement your own contract management solution?

Spaulding Ridge can set you up on SpringCM. We’re always looking out for you and other ways you can better your business.

Our consultants are trained and certified to deliver industry-leading add-on solutions from several strategic partners, such as SpringCM.

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