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Matillion and Spaulding Ridge

Our Matillion expertise in Data Productivity Cloud (DPC), ETL, and ELT can put your data to work for you.


Data meets Untapped Potential

Maximize Your Data’s Value with Spaulding Ridge and Matillion

Matillion, a cloud-based data integration and transformation platform, lets businesses build and manage their data pipelines easier and faster.

A certified DPC Matillion partner, Spaulding Ridge offers the experience to help you move data anywhere it needs to go, in whatever format you need it in.

Our team has experience implementing Matillion across various industries, enabling rapid data transformation, advanced analytics, and faster decisions.

Speak to a Matillion Expert

Data Clymer, a Spaulding Ridge Company, Achieves America’s Partner of the Year Award

We were named Matillion’s Americas Partner of the Year (Commercial) at the 2023 Emerald Awards, an award celebrating innovation and data productivity success.

Awards judges stated: “As a longstanding cloud data and analytics partner, Data Clymer stands out with a high level of expertise and a deep bench of Matillion-certified practitioners.”

Spaulding Ridge’s Matillion Expertise

Matillion Success the Spaulding Ridge Way

When you’re building data pipelines, it impacts your entire organization. Our team can align with your needs and deliver a custom Matillion implementation and advisory services experience, helping you unlock the true power of your data.

Let’s Talk

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Assessment & Implementation

We’ll review your current data environment to develop an implementation plan to get you up and running quickly.

Data Source Integration

Integrate your cloud data with any data source by leveraging Matillion’s extensive list of pre-built connectors and custom connectors built by Spaulding Ridge

Extract, Transform, Load

Through Matillion ETL, raw data can be turned into information and business value.

Health Check

We’ll perform an audit of your Matillion instance to uncover issues and walk through detailed recommendations, maximizing your investment.

Pushdown Optimization

Optimize data processes by pushing down the transformation workload to the target cloud data warehouse, minimizing data movement and improving performance

Acquire the Right Tool that Works for You

Implementing Matillion to align with your data stack creates enhanced opportunities for automation, insights, and less time data gathering and transforming.

Develop your Matillion Data Stack

Implement Matillion with Confidence

Deliver true speed to market with a strategic Matillion advisory and implementation partner.

LET’S TALK Matillion