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This National Football League franchise, originally founded as an expansion team, has been a key figure in the world of sports for over half a century.


A Need for Full Data Control

A championship NFL franchise was looking for a customizable solution that enabled them to take full control of their data. They invested in a new data warehouse and modern data technologies but needed guidance on how to optimize their stack. They also wanted to own their Ticketmaster data to create an Identity Resolution Solution, allowing full ownership of data capabilities. Seeking guidance, they turned to Data Clymer, a Spaulding Ridge company, to find a solution.


A Data Technology Stack That Delivers Key Insights

We laid the groundwork by implementing best practices for their data warehouse and dbt, their data transformation tool. We developed a Master Data Management (MDM) solution and created a fan golden record, providing the team with deeper insight into their fan base.

We utilized Matillion as our main ELT tool to gather data from disparate sources. This landed all the data within a new Snowflake instance, allowing data to no longer be siloed.

We then ingested data from TM and other sources via Matillion to clean and send records through the IDR solution to better market to their contacts.

Now, they can deliver a high quality, personalized fan experience, improving engagement and revenue.


A Better, Customizable, and Unique Fan Experience

A new technology stack allowed the franchise’s data to live in one location, enabling an easier process for key insights such as:

  • Golden record for each fan
  • Trusted view into business-critical data
  • Accurate fan behavior reporting
  • Eliminating manual processes and moving queries
  • Identify future opportunities for business growth


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