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Business Transformation

Hybrid Multi-Cloud

Integration, Management, + Utilization of a Complex Heterogenous Environment

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Mix Your Vital Legacy Tech with Modern Cloud SaaS for Increased Value & Scalability

We can mix and match your legacy systems with modern, cloud-based SaaS tech using flexible, hybrid-friendly Application Programming Interface (API) platforms. API platforms easily reach out to all business systems, whether they be on-premise, applications, devices, or otherwise to provide:

  • A Single Source of Truth (SSOT) for data-informed business decisions
  • Quick and seamless transfer of information for stakeholders
  • Fast task execution through automation
  • Good user experience for customers
  • Enhanced cybersecurity
  • Improved financial control through increased insights

Modernizing your tech stack to leverage the great advancements of cloud-based technology is crucial for staying competitive — but it doesn’t mean you have to sunset the legacy programs you’ve already invested significant time and effort in.

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Head of Data @ Marfeel

“The [Spaulding Ridge] Team not only helped us revamp the analytics platform, but ensured the transfer of knowledge that empowers users to be self-sufficient in the long run.”

Alessandro Pregnolato | Head of Data @ Marfeel, Full Success Story

Unsure Where to Start? We Can Help.

Data Modernization, Defined

Transforming the way you and your company view and use data can be the revolutionary step that takes your organization to the next level. Whether the goal is to find homeostasis through a hybrid cloud setup that leverages any combination of public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise or you’re looking to make a complete shift to a scalable modern platform, we can meet you where you’re at. We’ll consider your long-term goals and recommend the best roadmap to success.

Map Out Your Data Modernization Today.

Data Strategy & Discovery

Gather business users requirements, list all data sources, compare data tools, and design a data stack architecture to meet your data modernization goals.

Implement the Infastructure

This is where we’ll take our roadmap and implement the structure necessary to get the data from where it is versus where it needs to end up.

Business Logic Creation

From raw data to actionable KPIs, merge and model your data sources in a centralized repository to get reliable metrics that support the specificities of your business.

Data Review, Training, & Adoption

Collaborating with your end-users, we’ll run tests to ensure that your data is ready to better support your business and empower employees to leverage their new technology.

What is a Modern Data Stack?

A “modern data stack,” or custom cloud infrastructure, is a collection of SaaS tools that create a user-friendly, efficient, and holistic experience for your teams, leaders, and entire business.

Featuring seven key components, the modern data stack’s goal is simple but highly rewarding: gather and unify data from any number of sources necessary into a single repository so that real-time, comprehensive data supports and drives better decision-making across an entire organization.

 Data Sources
Data Sources

As you look to unlock the power of your data, first you need to identify where all of your different sources of information exist.

Data Integration

Automate the process to extract, load, and transform your data securely.

Data Warehouse

The data warehouse is where all of your data comes together, your new Single Source of Truth.

Gear Process
Data Modeling

This takes the raw data from your Single Source of Truth and converts it to usable business intelligence logic.

Line Chart
Business Intelligence

A collaborative platform that provides self-service analytics to end users, including for actionable insights, embedded analytics, and even advanced data products.

Reverse ETL/ELT

Sometimes referred to as “data activation,” this function send transformed data back through the pipeline, allowing your departments to work in their native programs.

Data Observability

Mature data teams want to ensure Data Reliability and Trust within the organization by monitoring and tracking in near real-time the health and state of the data in the system.

Procurement Lifecycle

Improve Your Business Intelligence (BI) Using MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform

The average company uses anywhere between 22 to 500 systems, platforms, and applications to effectively conduct business. Pulling information from 22 systems, nonetheless 500, is a daunting task, but data is the lifeblood of a well-performing, competitive company.

Connecting all of your data into a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) is crucial to derive necessary BI. MuleSoft can connect both cloud and on-prem enterprise applications that contain valuable information — such as your ERP, HR platform, CRM, CLM, and Finance platform — to aggregate information that can be mined for actionable insights.

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform provides API-led connectivity with real-time and batch integration capabilities, while also isolating all of your applications and databases from one another to reduce dependencies.

More About MuleSoft

Your Business Needs Are Our Specialty

The world of analytics is changing. Companies are migrating legacy systems to the Cloud, aiming to become truly insight-driven and empower employees by granting them greater access to information. We specialize in a range of data analytics services offering end-to-end data solutions and everything in between. We can provide a free evaluation trial to create a proof of concept using any of our partner tools, as well as provide a free Demo or Workshop for your team.


Road 1
Data Strategy

Business needs
Tool comparison
Architecture definition
Project planning

Data Engineering

Data Integration/ETL
Data warehousing
Data modeling
Migration to Cloud

Business Intelligence

Metrics definition
Ad hoc analysis

Machine Learning

Predictive Analytics

Data Products

Embedded analytics
Web development
UX/UI Design

Leadership Circle

Rollout planning
Training & workshops


“It’s challenging to build up a core group of people that have the experience and commitment that Spaulding Ridge has, but that is what makes Spaulding Ridge such a trusted partner.”

Pieter Lesterhuis | CFO, Kruger Family Industries

Transformative Stories Start Here

Data transformation and AI helps you use complex equations and algorithms that require machine learning and AI-driven reactions to achieve new growth, data testing, and scalable operations.

Elevate with Data Transformation and AI.

Data Integration is the #1 Reason Digital Initiatives Fail

It’s foolhardy to expect to transform your operations when data, people, and processes are siloed.

You need to create an integrated environment, connect data to people, in real time to create change.

CDW Saves Hours and Mitigates Risk with Automation
Assembly Demands Scalable Salesforce Solutions
AF Global Achieves Short and Long-Term Objectives

Best Practice and Strategic Thinking Converge Here

Where Function + Creativity Meet

Get the best of both by working with a team of experienced digital transformation service providers, skilled with both technical execution and creative problem-solving.

When you choose a partner for data transformation and AI you want someone who does more than check boxes and talk — you want people who think on your behalf.

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Advisory, Governance + Enablement

Get the latest best practices for Centers of Excellence (COE) development and change management strategy to enable digital transformation services.

End-to-End Integration Services

Connect your enterprise systems to Best-in-Cloud technologies, utilize both near and offshore development, and use multiple ETL tools.

Enterprise Integration + Strategy

Maximize your digital transformation performance with white-glove architecture services that help you identify and implement the right integration strategies.

AI Increases Efficiency + Productivity

Gain a 445% Return on Investment

Integrative data transformation utilizing Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) services are your path to the peak. Companies get better returns, elevating outcomes, when data integrates effectively.

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