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Sales Excellence: A Toolkit for the Connected CRO

Maintain profitability in an uncertain market.

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Achieve Revenue Resilience

It’s a tough time to run a sales organization. Pandemic-related trends, inflation, and fears of a downturn all conspire to make this a difficult time to sell. But the organization that can run its sales operations efficiently can still drive serious profits.

Spaulding Ridge gives the office of the CRO the technology to nurture customer relationships and sell efficiently. With automation, connected cloud systems, and the right insights, we can help you excel at every point of the sales cycle—from contracting to relationship management to forecasting—supporting your sales reps and maximizing revenue.

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Managing the Customer Lifecycle

Most sales leaders understand the marginal value that just one customer can have for their organization—but not all have the systems they need to cultivate customer relationships across the entire lifecycle. Succeeding at each stage takes different competencies and different technologies, but at every step, it’s critical to center the individual and provide exceptional experience.

Companies rely on Spaulding Ridge to build comprehensive sales solutions for specific steps and for the entire cycle. And because of our belief that all business is personal, we bring the same commitment to relationships that you bring to your customers.

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Reach the Next Level of Sales Excellence With ASPYR.

Typically, companies make their sales plans by assessing their territories and quotas and segmenting accounts based on their past performance. But what if your assumptions about your accounts aren’t capturing their full potential?

Spaulding Ridge’s ASPYR solution combines top-down financial indicators with bottom-up analyses of your sales potential to get to ambitious but achievable targets. Through this framework, we break down sales planning into five simple steps:


Solutions for the Connected CRO

To win in today’s market, your sales execution process needs to be better than your competition’s.

Every dollar counts. Maximize the impact of your sales team with Spaulding Ridge’s integrated cloud technology solutions.

Account Management

Your CRM is the core piece of your sales operation and the single source of truth for customer relationships. Make sure this tech is fully optimized to give you the most value.


Sales Process and Pipeline Management

All businesses know that long-term customer relationships lead to long-term revenue, but not all have the right systems in place to sustain these relationships. Spaulding Ridge builds CRM, customer service, and customer experience solutions that keep your customers satisfied, renewing, and advocating for your brand.

Quoting and Pricing

Beat your competition to market by generating quotes 10 times faster and see a massive reduction in approval time with smart CPQ solutions to give your customers the right offers at the right price.


Service & Support

Customer service best practices have advanced well beyond email-based ticketing systems. We can help you bring the power of automation, AI, and connected experiences to your customers, increasing satisfaction and improving efficiency.

Contract Management

Does the agreement negotiation stage slow down deals for your business? A best-in-class contract lifecycle management (CLM) system not only lets you get your contracts developed and signed quickly—it can also tell you which obligations are in those agreements that you haven’t fulfilled or put you at risk.


Sales Planning

Position your sellers where they need to be. By assigning sales territories and quotas based on data and not guesswork, you can set realistic, motivating targets and set your sales team up for success.

Sales Incentive Compensation

Setting the right incentives for your sales reps is critical in motivating them—and to keeping them satisfied and productive. Spaulding Ridge builds ICM systems that maintain morale and drive revenue, ensuring that you’re maximizing sales productivity in the field.


Billing & Invoicing

Managing the sending of invoices and collecting payments manually can be a time sink for your business. Automate as much of it as possible, get the facts quickly, and spend your time on work that moves the needle.

Customer Engagement and Portals

Today, customers and business partners alike expect full-featured communities and portals that let them buy products, get support, and connect with their peers. With Spaulding Ridge, you can set up individualized experiences for whomever you serve, giving you unparalleled connection.

Take a Smarter Approach to Sales and Revenue Optimization

Even in a rapidly changing market, there are opportunities to deliver for your organization.

CROs have the chance to drive revenue resilience for their organization, maintain client relationships, and be champions for efficiency. Spaulding Ridge works across technologies to allow you to sell effectively, optimize your sales and revenue performance, and refine your plans. Ask us how we can help you better serve your customers and improve your profitability.

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