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Bring the role of the CIO into the cloud with the securest applications.

Optimize Your Entire Stack

The Answer is In the Cloud

Free Up Valuable Company Resources for Innovation

The complex task of developing, operating, and securing hundreds (if not thousands) of workloads across multiple environments has led to many CIOs adopting the secondary title of “cloud operator” to many business’ benefit.

Aging infrastructure holds back your entire company. You need an infrastructure that is fluid and dynamic while also offering efficiency, governance, and security – you need the cloud. Or, more likely, a multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud setup. 

Whatever configuration is right for you and your business, using infrastructure automation tools can reduce complexity, increase reliability, provide flexibility, and cost less, giving you and your team the freedom to innovate and differentiate.

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Senior Director, Strategic Planning + Analytics

“We chose Spaulding Ridge because we were able to quickly identify that all business for them is personal.”

“We chose Spaulding Ridge because we were able to quickly identify that all business for them is personal, and one of their core values is putting their customer first, which is directly aligned with CDW’s core values. Because our values were aligned, we had a lot of success, and hope to work with them for years to come.”

Becky Wagner | Senior Director, Strategic Planning + Analytics, CDW

The Latest, The Greatest, The Securest

We take pride in finding the right best-in-cloud technology for clients. It’s our business to stay on top of everything new in the industry, from the inner workings of AI and ML to the best way to secure data — and keep it that way.

Listen to a conversation Spaulding Ridge Partner Kyle Boston had with the CFO of Kruger Family Industries, Pieter Lesterhuis, on their Digital Transformation journey.

How secure and usable is your data?

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A Conversation with Daniel Barber, CEO of DataGrail

Together is How We Work Best

Use the Smart Cloud Advantage

Improved return on investments, enhanced security, and higher quality services are provided not by jumping headfirst into an entirely cloud-native world, but by adopting cloud practices smartly. At Spaulding Ridge, we don’t represent just a single solution from a single vendor our portfolio is highly diversified and all feature integrations into one another. This means that, as you continue on your business’ cloud journey, you can rest assured we’re here to mitigate and solve even the most complex of issues.

Cloud-to-Cloud Integration

Coming together like a perfect line of code, the solutions we use everyday here at Spaulding Ridge are chosen, in part, for their significant scalability and adaptability.

Implementation Services

The Roadmap to Cloud

Our teams strategize and collaborate to understand you and your company’s needs, bridging the gap between IT and end users through full, hybrid, or edge-to-cloud projects.

Advisory + Diagnostics

Training + Adoption

During and after advisory and implementation, Spaulding Ridge is here to not only train end-users to use new cloud technologies, but also to help with change management.

Change Management

Managed Services

You and are your team can innovate, initiate, and improve. Let us handle the nitty-gritty day-to-day issues of cloud applications.

Managed Services

A Matter of Data Warehousing

Best-in-Class Cloud, Best-in-Class Security

The elephant in the cloud-application room is always data. Data security, governance, and compliance is at the forefront of our mind, along with near-zero management and unification. This is where choosing the right Data Warehouse comes in.

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Comprehensive Data Security

Data warehouses, like Snowflake, provide a multitude of features to ensure your data is safe, including dynamic data masking and always-on encryption of data both in transit and at-rest.

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Unifying your data to comply with data privacy regulations is easy when these benefits are baked right in to the cloud application.

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Easy for Authorized Users

Part of the Data Cloud? It’s easy to access and share live governed data with customers, as long as you’re an authorized data cloud user. Otherwise, you and your IT team can be sure that your company data and information is locked up tight.

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Near-Zero Management

Unlimited scale and unlimited concurrency provide a seamless experience across multiple clouds.

Out-of-the-Box Thinking for In-the-Black Goals

Why Us? We Get Into the Greatest Technologies on the Ground Floor.

Scale. Grow. Transform.

This mantra is on our minds every day as we explore the latest and greatest technologies, as we keep our ears to the ground about the latest innovations, and how we think about not only what is but what can be, will be, what’s next.

We hire the best people, the experts, the thinkers, the strategists, to use the best-in-cloud applications in great  and even unusual  ways.

The best technology falls flat when poorly executed, which is why you need to spend as much time choosing an implementor as you do your cloud application and subsequent security methods. We’ll prove our mettle by really understanding your unique business and goals so we can implement a financial planning and analysis ecosystem that will change the way you operate for the better.

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