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Information Technology

Bring the office of the CIO into the cloud.

Optimize Your Entire Stack

Unified Systems. Unified Data.

Better Architecture for Better Efficiency

Chief Information Officers are tasked with maintaining the vast, interconnected web of systems that make up the modern enterprise business. From the cloud tool implemented last month to the on-premises system that’s been running since the 90s, CIOs make sure every team and every system has a single source of truth, while simultaneously keeping their tech spending from spiraling out of control.

That’s what Spaulding Ridge provides for the office of the CIO. We build efficient, consistent systems that deliver real value at a lower cost of ownership. Our expertise in the modern data stack allows us to deliver easier-to-use tech, with simple tools that don’t take an entire team to manage.

And because we bring both technical and strategic expertise to the table, we make sure your systems are set up for whatever innovations reshape your industry next, from AI to new regulation.

Your data should work for you… so let’s get it working.


Director of Enterprise Data & Analytics
Director of Enterprise Data & Analytics

“This marks the beginning of a new era for Azurity Enterprise Data.”

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Rashad Rahman | Director of Enterprise Data & Analytics, Azurity Pharmaceuticals
Social Media Revenue Leaders

Accelerate Sales

What would it take to replicate your best sellers’ tactics across your entire organization? It’s easier than you think. In this article, learn how Spaulding Ridge can put on-the-ground insights to work for analytics, giving organizations next actions, messages, and tactics that their sellers can use.

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Data Analytics: Explain, Predict, Succeed

Your company’s data analytics capabilities should go beyond basic performance data. A true solution can give you answers to bigger questions—not just “what’s working?” but “why is it working?” and “what else might work?”

Whether it’s a global clothing brand tracking marketing efforts across 115 markets, a private equity firm making more strategic decisions in acquiring and growing companies, or a pharmaceutical company giving their team members outreach plans, a Spaulding Ridge analytics solution puts the strategic value of your data at your fingertips.


Get Data-Informed

A Cloud Roadmap to Greater Insight

What do you wish your data could do for you? Whether you’re looking for greater profitability, less technical debt, or smarter decisions, having a plan for your technology is critical. Spaulding Ridge is a partner to organizations at every stage of their tech journey—whether they’re trying to onboard a new system, get existing systems connected, or get out from under a mountain of support tickets.

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Talk to us about:

Best-in-Class Meets Peace of Mind

Data security and compliance are the biggest risks most CIOs face—but end users need ease of use from their systems. How to balance the risks? By understanding the rules and the risks you need to navigate, Spaulding Ridge can build data systems that balance security with usability.

Comprehensive Data Security

Your data warehouse should provide dynamic data masking and always-on encryption of data both in transit and at-rest—and with a Spaulding Ridge implementation, it will.


No matter the system, no matter the industry, and no matter the location, we sweat the details to make sure your company is in total compliance with every data privacy regulation you’ll face.

Easy Access for Authorized Users

The best security rules are ones your users can adopt seamlessly. We build data systems that make it easy to access and share live governed data with the people authorized to view it, without compromising security.

Near-Zero Management

From architecting before the implementation to managed services once it’s done, we can keep your systems secure and compliant with no hassle on your end.

Your Preferred Partner for Your Preferred Technologies.

Spaulding Ridge experts work across technologies to deliver solutions that work. Whatever data technology you use, Spaulding Ridge can deliver. Count on our experts in:

Is Your Technology Holding You Back?

Too many companies find their technology growing out of control, with too much tech spend driving too little functionality. Rationalizing your technology can simplify things, giving you new capabilities even as you bring your cost of ownership under control. Download our tech rationalization guide and take the first step towards a tech stack that really works for you.


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