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Google BigQuery and Spaulding Ridge

Our BigQuery expertise allows your organization to scale data right.


Serverless, Scalable, & Cost-Effective

A Multi-Cloud Data Warehouse for the Modern Business

Google BigQuery is a multi-cloud data warehouse that’s designed for scalability and agility. Democratizing data from across your entire company — versus keeping it in silos scattered among various departments — can increase the pace of innovation.

What can you and your team accomplish with the capability to quickly query petabytes of data in mere minutes? To access data you need on demand? To have a fully-managed database that you don’t have to manage?

Transform the way you and your business view data by leveraging Google BigQuery.


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Unlock the Value of Your Data.

Our Google BigQuery Expertise

Is your data siloed or fragmented leading to scaling limitations? Partner with Spaulding Ridge’s team of BigQuery experts to help your company to rapidly grow and scale.

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BigQuery ML

Using simply SQL, data scientists and analysts can build and operationalize MIL models directly inside inside of BigQuery.

BigQuery Omni

Need to analyze across clouds? This flexible, fully managed, multi-cloud analytics solution to analyze, answer questions, and share results all from BigQuery’s interface.

BigQuery BI Engine

Analyze large and complex data sets using this in-memory analysis service that natively integrates with Google’s Data Studio. It also accelerates any other BI tools.

BigQuery GIS

Whereas many data warehouses struggle to account for coordinates, BigQuery GIS provides native support for geospatial analysis so you can see spatial data differently and even unlock new lines of business.

What is a Modern Data Stack?

A “modern data stack,” or custom cloud infrastructure, is a collection of SaaS tools that create a user-friendly, efficient, and holistic experience for your teams, leaders, and entire business.

Featuring seven key components, the modern data stack’s goal is simple but highly rewarding: gather and unify data from any number of sources necessary into a single repository so that real-time, comprehensive data supports and drives better decision-making across an entire organization.

 Data Sources
Data Sources

As you look to unlock the power of your data, first you need to identify where all of your different sources of information exist.

Data Integration

Automate the process to extract, load, and transform your data securely.

Data Warehouse

The data warehouse is where all of your data comes together, your new Single Source of Truth.

Gear Process
Data Modeling

This takes the raw data from your Single Source of Truth and converts it to usable business intelligence logic.

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Business Intelligence

A collaborative platform that provides self-service analytics to end users, including for actionable insights, embedded analytics, and even advanced data products.

Reverse ETL/ELT

Sometimes referred to as “data activation,” this function send transformed data back through the pipeline, allowing your departments to work in their native programs.

Data Observability

Mature data teams want to ensure Data Reliability and Trust within the organization by monitoring and tracking in near real-time the health and state of the data in the system.

No Query Too Big, No Insight Too Small

When you’re working with large and complex data sets, oftentimes from multiple sources, that need to be analyzed, BigQuery is the right multi-cloud data warehouse to manage the task.

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Democratize Real-Time Data

We talk about silos a lot, but most companies don’t realize what they don’t know until they go digging around in the weeds. It really gives extra meaning to that old phrase “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

It can put walls up between sales teams, put bottlenecks in your data department, and delay crucial business decisions. Google BigQuery does away with all of those issues, providing real-time, up-to -date information from across multiple platforms to all users.

Gain Data-Driven Business Insights

It takes only a few clicks to access and share analytics insights using BigQuery’s high-speed streaming insertion API. Data can be synchronized across heterogeneous databases, storage systems, and applications reliably, to provide real-time analytics all in one place.

Built in Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) puts enormous Business Intelligence (BI) capability at your fingertips using just SQL. Combine Google BigQuery with Looker to unleash the full power of BI for your business.

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Trust That Your Data is Protected

Strong security and fine-grained governance controls are built right into Google BigQuery. Data is encrypted both at rest and in transit by default with customer-managed encryption keys. Your business can also count on BigQuery to always be there when you need it with a 99.99% uptime SLA.

This extensive protection doesn’t interfere with access or availability for your authorized users, either. BigQuery remains flexible, providing automatic high availability with replicated storage in multiple locations with no additional setup.

Scale Your Data With You

Whether you work in bytes or petabytes or exabytes, Google BigQuery is a highly scalable, cost-effective data warehouse that can analyze massive quantities of data in mere minutes. With flexible data ingestion, you can move data from hundreds of popular business SaaS applications for free using built-in capabilities.

Need more storage? Not a problem. Need less storage? Also not a problem. Flexible pricing models grow with you seamlessly with always near-zero operational overhead costs.

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Scalability and Data Centralization Converge Here

Where Storage + Versatility Meet

“Storing” something doesn’t seem like a profitable use of space, but it is when you’re simultaneously leveraging it to fuel your business’ strategy. On top of functioning as a repository for your data from everywhere, BigQuery provides a 360-degree view for real-time Business Intelligence (BI) derived from that data.

That’s profitable storing.

Our skilled team of data transformation experts can implement a data warehouse that provides the storage functionality and the data versatility you need.

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Strategy + Roadmap

Work with our seasoned enterprise data experts to create a fast-paced and achievable technology roadmap and data cloud strategy.

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Innovation + Predefined Solutions

Our BigQuery implementation experts will conduct system integration and user acceptance testing to ensure a smooth deployment. Discover our accelerators and template data models, which are flexible enough to fit within your existing framework to re-imagine your data strategy.

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Data Integration Strategy

Ensure all data, metadata, and hierarchies are managed with an effective data integration strategy that ensures scalability for future use cases.

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Fuel Your Business With Intelligent Data

To truly reap all of the benefits of a data-driven business, you need a modern data stack that can give you the high-level view you need and grow right alongside your business.

Choosing the right data storage is crucial to a modern data stack. It’s like the central nervous system — any pain points here will be magnified everywhere else. Let our advisors help you choose the right modern data stack, starting with the right data warehousing system for your business.

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Implement Snowflake with Confidence

Deliver true speed to market with a strategic Snowflake advisory and implementation partner.