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Supply Chain

Spaulding Ridge is a trusted partner for companies that want to improve their supply chain management. They offer a range of services, from strategy and design to implementation and support, that help clients achieve operational excellence and competitive advantage. Whether it’s cloud-based applications, data analytics, or process automation, Spaulding Ridge has the expertise and experience to deliver solutions that meet the unique needs and challenges of each client.

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Supply Chain at its Finest

Inventory in the Right Place at the Right Time

The ability to quickly react to market changes is one thing, but what about the ability to predict them? To have go-to roadmaps for shortages, surpluses, and everything in between?

Point, legacy, and non-cloud solutions may provide out-of-the-box functionality, but making changes to them is a multi-year, big budget project. This lack of flexibility and cost hindrance often results in companies laying a spreadsheet program and a database management system on top of the so-called “solution.”

It doesn’t sound like much of a “solution” to us.

Using Anaplan, a cloud-based xP&A platform, gives your company total control. By knocking down your company’s organizational silos, you’re not just reacting to the ever-changing market, but moving in sync with it and developing new go-forward strategies.

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The Organizational Effect

An Advantageous Decision for All

Departments and teams often feel like they work in a void, but every decision each department makes affects every other department. The goal when making these decisions is to net-positive on those choices.

Opting for a connected planning cloud platform helps not only your supply chain management, but your finance and sales teams, changing how your people view collaboration.

Watch this video on Improving Forecast Accuracy with PlanIQ hosted by Spaulding Ridge Partner Kyle Rish.

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Improving Environmental Sustainability in the Manufacturing Industry
Fireside Chat: Supply Chain Manufacturing
The Power of Connected Procurement with Coupa

The Organizational Effect

Multiple Functions, Multiple Reasons to Love It

Data here, data there, data everywhere but, if it’s not connected, you won’t be ready to make supply chain management predictions. Managing your supply chain management means getting Supply, Demand, Sales, and Finance to work from the same page. With manual report generation, though, not only are they not on the same page, but they might also not even be in the same book 

Today, teams are spending an inordinate amount of time exporting relevant data from single or multiple source systems, like inflexible legacy or point solutions, then even more time stitching it all together to make sense of it. Worse, this often happens in silos, making it difficult to prevent human error and aggregate data into a meaningful report.  

In today’s fast-paced marketplace, time is money and the ability to make decisions faster will alleviate any risk of fallout. Choosing Anaplan as your planning software and establishing a process that streamlines data intake, automates mapping and calculation logic, and optimizes the planning process in general can have a positive effect on your entire organization.  

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Principle Advisor Value Chain Optimization BI & ATC

“The team at Spaulding Ridge is top-notch.”

“We see Spaulding Ridge as a trusted partner. When helping us analyze problem statements they ask the right questions to design a solution that is fit for purpose. To us the team at Spaulding Ridge are top-notch.”

Ken Au | Principle Advisor Value Chain Optimization BI & ATC, Rio Tinto

A Happy Couple: Procurement + Supply Chain

How Does Procurement Play Into Your Supply Chain?

Once you’ve combined internal and external data in Anaplan and done your “what-if” scenarios, does the process revert back to manual? Coupa streamlines and automates procurement by taking the Anaplan-determined optimal inventory levels and handling requisitions, approvals, purchasing, receiving, and e-voicing. This standardized process feeds right back into Anaplan, improving end-to-end supply chain visibility and future scenario planning.

Liquid gold in, liquid gold out.

Maximized Adoption, Maximized Value

Why shouldn’t the procurement experience be as easy as consumer shopping? Coupa provides a modern design that’s easy to understand and use for universal adoption which means maximized value on your investment.

Increasing Savings, Ensure Compliance, + Drive Impact

Coupa’s P2P tools guide employees through the buying process with pre-approved spend. Easily re-order preferred products and services, get alerted to discount pricing, and so much more.

Make it Easy with Safety Rails

Flexible forms to handle SOW-based spend management, real-time budget management, fraud detection, and mobile approval processes are just the start of what Coupa’s Procurement platform offers.

Out-of-the-Box Thinking for In-the-Black Goals

Why Us? We Get Into the Greatest Technologies on the Ground Floor.

Scale. Grow. Transform.

This mantra is on our minds every day as we explore the latest and greatest technologies, as we keep our ears to the ground about the latest innovations, and how we think about not only what is but what can be, will be, what’s next.

We hire the best people, the experts, the thinkers, the strategists, to use the best-in-cloud applications in great  and even unusual  ways.

The best technology falls flat when poorly executed, which is why you need to spend as much time choosing an implementor as you do your cloud application. We’ll prove our mettle by really understanding your unique business and goals so we can implement a financial planning and analysis ecosystem that will change the way you operate for the better.


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