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High-Tech Solutions

Tech companies need sales operations and financial plans built on bottom-up insights, not guesswork. Build systems for profitability and long-term success with Spaulding Ridge.


Planning for the Modern Marketplace

Tech companies are feeling the demand for profitability across the board. Balancing available resources, satisfying customers, and keeping sales plans realistic are all vital for the recessionary landscape and unpredictable market. On top of that, buyer behavior demands new innovations, higher quality, and added convenience from tech services. To get ahead, tech companies require top-of-the-line management systems, optimized data stacks, and expert guidance. Experts at Spaulding Ridge work with your organization to achieve profitability and efficiency.

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We Hear You: Planning in the High-Tech Space is Challenging

We’ve listened to our high-tech clients year-over-year and hear many of the same challenges:

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“We need help automating processes.”

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“Worried about being
caught flat-footed by trends.”

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“We lack collaboration across teams.”

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“I don’t know that we’re investing intelligently.”

Rockwell Automation x Spaulding Ridge

Hear how the Rockwell Automation team modernized their compensation system with the help of Spaulding Ridge.

The Organizational Effect

Connecting your teams to data for better data insights and planning.

A modern high-tech company produces terabytes of data every day. That data can inform your decisions on everything from resources and headcount to ensuring customer success—if you have the right systems in place to interpret and use it. Spaulding Ridge builds systems that streamline data intake and output and allow you to assess your business from all perspectives. With our support, you can create an intelligent ecosystem that answers your questions and allows you to perform at the highest efficiency possible.

“Why do you do things like connected planning? Because we’ve created a source of truth what that means is whether you’re in finance, whether you’re in sales, or whether you’re in operations everyone’s looking at the same data, the same reports. Whether it’s in Anaplan, whether it’s in our BI tools, whether it’s in Salesforce.”

Chris Garber | Former SVP, Finance & Operations, LiveRamp

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Focus your go-to-market approach on long-term partnerships

Recurring subscriptions are valuable for customer and company alike. For customers, a subscription provides lower costs, convenience, and the latest product updates. For companies, this model ensures future revenue and provides insights into customer behavior.

Spaulding Ridge can help you optimize your subscription model to streamline operations, analysis, and business planning through expert intelligence, custom solutions, and ongoing support. You’ll be equipped to run systems smoothly and make data-backed decisions, freeing up time and energy to ensure that customers are satisfied and subscriptions are more likely to be renewed.

Improve and sustain to reach new heights.

Spaulding Ridge for High Tech

Solutions from Spaulding Ridge can streamline operations, keep the lights on, provide company-wide access to good data, and accurately predict revenue, giving you a better outlook.
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We enable leading organizations across business units.


Reach your goals and enhance operational visibility with strategic cloud implementation partner Spaulding Ridge. 

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Financial Planning & Analysis

Our experts can transform your operating expense, capital expense, and workforce planning to support your strategic growth objectives. With an integrated financial planning system, you can build dynamic bottom-up plans specific to your market.

Financial Cycle
Revenue Forecasting

Accurately predict revenue from top-down and from bottom-up, so you can be confident in your decision-making. Easily assess all revenue drivers to gain the highest amount of profitability for your organization.

Sales Performance Management

Whether you’re working on territory planning, segmentation planning, incentive compensation, or forecasting, keep things running smoothly and increase success through a strategic SPM system.

Gear Process
Change Management

Ensure user enablement and adoption. With change management and adoption strategies that anticipate the personal and technological challenges a new system will face, we can ensure your investment in tech gives you the maximum possible return.


Achieve more efficient direct and indirect spend with systems that can handle expansive and dynamic requirements. Spaulding Ridge works to keep your operations resilient, adaptable, and streamlined.

Managed Services

Increase productivity, optimize performance, and minimize spending on cloud maintenance by offloading repetitive and time-intensive tasks to Spaulding Ridge’s managed services team. By putting basic upkeep in the hands of experts, you can focus on what you do best: deliver for your customers.

“Going into a system where the process is already built and all you have to do is complete steps one, two, and three… it de-risks a lot within your organization.”

Nikhil Kumar | Head of GTM Strategy and Planning, MuleSoft
Unsure Where to Start? We Can Help.

Systems for Profitability.

High Tech companies are increasingly turning from legacy systems to fully cloud-based business technology to adapt to the changing landscape. This transition promises new insights and new capabilities, allowing organizations to see a clearer picture of their performance and their opportunities. With a dedicated partner, organizations can bring their systems together to maximize performance. We can provide end-to-end solutions for finance, sales, procurement, strategy, adoption, managed services, and beyond. We can provide a free evaluation trial to create a proof of concept using any of our partner tools, as well as provide a free Demo or Workshop for your team.

We work with you to create a tailored solution that is right for your business, putting you in control of your sales, revenue, finance, and procurement operations. VIEW ALL CLOUD APPLICATION TECHNOLOGIES

A cloud-native ecosystem.

Transform the way you do business.

At Spaulding Ridge, our team of platform, industry, and line of business experts can transform siloed teams into a data-driven, omnichannel planning ecosystem. Simultaneously, we help address operational excellence performance indicators: total cost of service, reliability, process standardization, automation, and performance for any size tech company. Let’s talk about how we can power up your organization.


All Business Is Personal

Meet our High-Tech Experts.

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Confidently Implement Cloud Technology

Reach your goals and enhance operational visibility with a strategic cloud implementation partner. Spaulding Ridge experts are ready to help you transform your organization.

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