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Finance and Accounting: Business Modernization for the Digital CFO

Drive enterprise value and business strategy impact. With integrated, digital solutions for financial planning, analysis, and forecasting so your business can keep and gain competitive advantage.


Accelerate your finance initiatives

Today’s most effective CFOs don’t spend their time stymied by manual processes or chasing data points across their organization. Best-in-class CFOs prioritize digital initiatives to drive top-line growth and increase efficiencies.

As partners to the digital CFO, Spaulding Ridge has empowered hundreds of finance teams to increase overall revenue, gross margins, and profits through better insight. We help CFOs connect financial planning to strategy, manage their operations, and track and report on their financial performance.

Finance Modernization

Forecast and Plan with Ease in Real Time

Build strong balance sheets and a healthy cash flow.

Responding to evolving market conditions is critical for any leading CFO. Spaulding Ridge’s finance solutions enable teams to have real-time access to planning and forecasting, acting as your financial source of truth to build long-term plans, plot out major projects, and coordinate strategic initiatives.

Our solutions help leaders make better choices.

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Move 3X Faster with Spaulding Ridge’s Solutions for Finance

Using cloud applications for finance, you can gather, model, and consume information in real-time from a consolidated, centralized hub to help you see what’s happening and predict what’s coming next.

Our FP&A solutions reduce manual analytic effort and allow for agile what-if scenarios, so when the marketplace takes an unexpected turn, you’re ready.

Ensure business security not just for today, but tomorrow, next quarter, and five years from now with FP&A solutions as fast and flexible as your business.


Director, Strategic Planning and Analytics

“We chose Spaulding Ridge because we were able to quickly identify that all business for them is personal”

“We chose Spaulding Ridge because we were able to quickly identify that all business for them is personal, and one of their core values is putting their customer first, which is directly aligned with CDW’s core values. Because our values were aligned, we had a lot of success, and hope to work with them for years to come.”

Becky Wagner | Director, Strategic Planning and Analytics, CDW

Solutions for the Modern CFO

Gone are the days of once a month or quarterly forecasting.

Agility matters. Get real-time insights with just a few clicks and free up time to act on your data.

Strategy and Planning

Our CFO solutions are built for a world of rapidly shifting economic pressures. We enable CFOs and their teams optimize performance and value by removing the friction and manual processes from financial planning. Leveraging machine learning, and AI, CFOs and their teams can make real-time decisions with ease and accuracy so that your strategy and planning efforts produce the right results at the right time.

Reporting and Analytics that Drive Action

Organizations need accurate forecasting no matter the economic climate. Our scenario planning and modeling solutions leverage real-time data, allowing CFOs to forecast, plan, and budget based on what’s happening now-not what was happening two weeks ago.

Align Finance with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Leveraging our extensive experience working with CFOs and finance teams, we can build an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution aligned with your business processes and structure. Our team of ERP consultants listen to your challenges and ensure a successful implementation, utilizing best-in-class process and change management tactics to ensure a smooth implementation and organization-wide adoption.

Business Spend Management (BSM) for the Modern CFO

Keeping spend under control is a basic requirement for any CFO—but balancing flexibility for your teams and oversight to ensure purchases are made intelligently can be a challenge. As a leader, a spend management system that gives you access to real-time spend and insights enables you to understand trends and hold teams accountable. Spaulding Ridge can work with you to select and implement the right BSM tool for your needs.

The Future of FP&A

Machine-Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Explainability…

Excel was debuted in 1985. It’s initial use was the same then as it is today: to aggregate and access data not to be a 360-degree financing tool, which is how more than half of mid- and large-size companies utilize it. It’s time to adopt purpose-built FP&A and xP&A platforms that give you the connectivity, flexibility, security, governance, and controls you need.

These new systems also give you next-gen tools to manage your finances, like Anaplan’s PlanIQ. By combining your xP&A with the power of Machine Learning (ML), you can use your full historical, internal, and external data sets to evaluate scenarios and make reliable predictions.

This innovation isn’t stopping, either – level-up your finance operation and stay ahead of the competition.

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In 70% of predictions, ML or statistical forecasts deliver the same or greater accuracy than an expert. - PlanIQ Solution Brief

Out-of-the-Box Thinking for In-the-Black Goals

Why Us? We Combine Technological Expertise with Real World Experience.

Spaulding Ridge consultants aren’t just consulting experts—we’ve been finance leaders, procurement heads, supply chain experts, IT, operations, and more. As a result, we know what technologies move the needle—and we invest in delivering only the best software for each need.

In everything we do, we look beyond the technical challenges to the people who will use the systems, and we deliver technical expertise alongside strategy, adoption, managed services, and more to maximize our impact on your organization.

But we don’t stop there: We keep our ears to the ground about the latest innovations, and we think about not only what is but what can be, will be, and what’s next. We hire the best people, the experts, the thinkers, and the strategists, who can innovate from system design to implementation and beyond.

Finance is at heart of your business, pulling in data from everywhere and deploying resources where they’re needed. We’ll strive to understand your unique business and goals so your new financial planning and analysis ecosystem changes the way you operate for the better.


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Modern finance solutions for the Digital CFO

Corporate financial and accounting planning and forecasting gives you visibility in any kind of weather.

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