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Finance and Accounting

Financial planning, analysis, and forecasting is your business’ solution to gaining competitive advantage.


Forecast and Plan with Ease in Real Time

Build strong balance sheets and a healthy cash flow.

Cloud applications for finance and accounting provide accurate planning and timely forecasting, acting as your financial source of truth to build long-term plans, plot out major projects, and coordinate strategic initiatives.

More than that, though, they simply help leaders make better choices.

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Move 3X Faster with Cloud Applications for Finance

Using cloud applications for finance, you can gather, model, and consume information in real-time with a consolidated, centralized hub to help you predict what’s coming next and respond to changing market conditions with speed and accuracy.

FP&A solutions also reduce manual analytic effort and allow for agile what-if scenarios, so when the marketplace throws a plot twist, you’re ready.

Ensure business security not just for today, but tomorrow, next quarter, and five years from now with corporate financial planning and forecasting solutions.


Director, Strategic Planning and Analytics

“We chose Spaulding Ridge because we were able to quickly identify that all business for them is personal”

“We chose Spaulding Ridge because we were able to quickly identify that all business for them is personal, and one of their core values is putting their customer first, which is directly aligned with CDW’s core values. Because our values were aligned, we had a lot of success, and hope to work with them for years to come.”

Becky Wagner | Director, Strategic Planning and Analytics, CDW

Cloud Applications for Finance

Make Agile Plans with Financial Planning & Forecasting Tools

Accurate Budgets

Effectively price products and services, improve cash flow and credit management, and accelerate your business’s ability to react and plan.

Automated Reports

Reduce the time spent on manual data entry and analysis. Automated reports display data for your experts to analyze before making decisions.

What-If Scenario Modeling

Posit and predict with agile what-if scenario planning. Get the answers you need to weigh and act on decisions with cloud applications for finance.

Eliminate Errors

To err is human, but can lose companies staggering amounts of profit. Some of the largest financial errors in history were due to human-made copy-and-paste errors in spreadsheets, a worry that can be eliminated by adopting a cloud application for finance.

The Future of FP&A

Machine-Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Explainability…

Excel was debuted in 1985. It’s initial use was the same then as it is today: to aggregate and access data not to be a 360-degree financing tool, which is how more than half of mid- and large-size companies utilize it.

Today, there are full FP&A and xP&A platforms, like Anaplan, which are designed to be flexible and adaptable while still having the security, governance, and controls needed to support even the largest and most complex organizations.

Anaplan’s PlanIQ, an xP&A tool powered by Machine Learning (ML), can absorb greater volumes of historical, internal, and external data to evaluate multiple scenarios. Using this wealth of information, decision-makers can drive future outcomes.

This innovation isn’t stopping, either level-up your finance team and stay ahead of the competition.

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In 70% of predictions, ML or statistical forecasts deliver the same or greater accuracy than an expert. - PlanIQ Solution Brief
Spaulding Ridge Team

Out-of-the-Box Thinking for In-the-Black Goals

Why Us? We Get Into the Greatest Technologies on the Ground Floor.

Scale. Grow. Transform.

This mantra is on our minds every day as we explore the latest and greatest technologies, as we keep our ears to the ground about the latest innovations, and how we think about not only what is but what can be, will be, what’s next.

We hire the best people, the experts, the thinkers, the strategists, to use the best-in-cloud applications in great and even unusual ways.

The best technology falls flat when poorly executed, which is why you need to spend as much time choosing a strategic advisory and implementation partner as you do your cloud application. We’ll prove our mettle by really understanding your unique business and goals so we can implement a financial planning and analysis ecosystem that will change the way you operate for the better.


Ideas to Launch Your Transformation

Explore articles, resources and guides designed to help business leaders make more informed, more strategic decisions.


Optimize Your Finance and Accounting Operations

Corporate financial and accounting planning and forecasting gives you visibility in any kind of weather.

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