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Fivetran and Spaulding Ridge

Our Fivetran expertise is exactly what your modern data stack needs.


Automated, full-managed, and ready to use

Automate Your Data Pipeline with Fivetran

Fivetran is a fully managed and scalable extract and load tool transforming the way businesses approach their Extraction-Load-Transform (ELT) process.

It is the fastest way to connect all your information sources to your data warehouse; with more than 170 connectors and its predefined schemas, you can configure your pipeline in a matter of minutes.

The tool provides a maintenance-free solution to reliable, high-volume data integration that scales. It also automatically adjusts to source changes and reliably centralizes data in to the destination of your choice.

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Fivetran’s Partner of the Year Rising Star, Americas

Spaulding Ridge can deliver quick, effective solutions that get your data where it needs to go. We’ve delivered for companies across industries to build Fivetran solutions as part of a modern data stack. How can we get your data working?

What is a Modern Data Stack?

A “modern data stack,” or custom cloud infrastructure, is a collection of SaaS tools that create a user-friendly, efficient, and holistic experience for your teams, leaders, and entire business.

Featuring seven key components, the modern data stack’s goal is simple but highly rewarding: gather and unify data from any number of sources necessary into a single repository so that real-time, comprehensive data supports and drives better decision-making across an entire organization.

 Data Sources
Data Sources

As you look to unlock the power of your data, first you need to identify where all of your different sources of information exist.

Data Integration

Automate the process to extract, load, and transform your data securely.

Data Warehouse

The data warehouse is where all of your data comes together, your new Single Source of Truth.

Gear Process
Data Modeling

This takes the raw data from your Single Source of Truth and converts it to usable business intelligence logic.

Line Chart
Business Intelligence

A collaborative platform that provides self-service analytics to end users, including for actionable insights, embedded analytics, and even advanced data products.

Reverse ETL/ELT

Sometimes referred to as “data activation,” this function send transformed data back through the pipeline, allowing your departments to work in their native programs.

Data Observability

Mature data teams want to ensure Data Reliability and Trust within the organization by monitoring and tracking in near real-time the health and state of the data in the system.

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Fuel Your Business With Intelligent Data

To truly reap all of the benefits of a data-driven business, you need a modern data stack that can give you the high-level view you need and grow right alongside your business.

Choosing the right ELT is crucial to a modern data stack so your time can focus on insights, not on data gathering and transforming. Let our advisors help you choose the right modern data stack, including the right way to aggregate data from your sources.

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Implement Fivetran with Confidence

Deliver true speed to market with a strategic Fivetran advisory and implementation partner.

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