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Netradyne specializes in developing cutting-edge fleet safety solutions such as computer vision and edge computing to revolutionize the modern-day transportation ecosystem. They aim to build a positive, safe, and driver-focused culture for their clients, leading to profitability, enhanced safety, and end-to-end transparency. Founded in 2015, the company is headquartered in the U.S with a workforce exceeding 800 employees.


Netradyne’s Evolving Growth Created Customer Engagement Hurdles

Over a four-year period, Netradyne experienced exponential growth, expanding its workforce from 150 employees to over 800. This remarkable trajectory was fueled by heightened consumer interest—but as the company grew rapidly, personalizing customer interactions and accurately providing quotes became overwhelming. These challenges led to inaccuracies in delivery receipts, which hurt their bottom line. Netradyne knew they needed to evolve their customer engagement strategy, streamline sales processes, and refine pricing methodologies.


Crafting a Reliable Process Aimed at Enhancing the Customer Experience

To bridge this gap and expedite deal closures, Spaulding Ridge recommended that Netradyne adopt Salesforce’s suite of cloud services: CPQ, Experience Cloud, UE+, and Service Cloud Voice. This would allow their sales team to establish an end-to-end environment, create a better customer experience, and nurture leads with tailored messages. These services were integrated throughout the customer lifecycle to create a seamless experience and bring additional visibility to Netradyne’s sales processes.

Netradyne’s primary objective was to streamline their quote-to-cash process. We enabled sales reps to generate quotes featuring customized products and pricing configurations tailored to the buyer’s requirements and synced with a deal’s documents within Salesforce. This simplified deal tracking and management, enabling sales representatives to stay focused on closing deals.

Next, Spaulding Ridge partnered with Netradyne to integrate the reseller partner revenue stream into this new sales system. We streamlined Netradyne’s quote to cash process through partner community integrations along with CPQ enhancements that improved resellers’ experience and ease of use. The implemented solution leveraged Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Experience Cloud to enable partner users to easily create opportunities, quotes, and orders.

In phase three, we helped the in-house customer support team directly engage with clients through Salesforce, streamlining operational processes. We enabled call service by integrating Salesforce with Vonage’ cloud-based communication systems, which enabled the Netradyne team to easily manage contacts and reporting. Following that, we enhanced sales representatives’ experience by leveraging ChatGPT for Einstein article recommendations.


Increasing Deal Closures with Successful Salesforce Implementation

Netradyne’s new customer experience model has significantly streamlined their customer journey to scale with the business. The time required to understand customer expectations and respond to them has reduced, resulting in an increase in deal closures. Communication with customers and the deal agreement process have been enhanced, empowering sales representatives to deliver a more personalized experience, increasing overall customer satisfaction. Additionally, the team now possesses a deeper understanding of their software tools, allowing them to more effectively use their capabilities.

“Spaulding Ridge has an excellent prescription for project management from the discovery phase through the end of project support. And so, they’ve really helped guide us in order to be successful with these projects.”

-Diane Schroeder Romita, Director of Operations, Netradyne

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