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$30B+ Assets Required Revamped Data Model

A leading investment firm with over $30B in assets needed help creating a new data model to align with the business’ growth. The firm turned to Data Clymer, a Spaulding Ridge company, to create a new data model and build out a modern data stack.


Comprehensive Data Pipeline Development for Multi-Departmental Support

We developed a comprehensive data pipeline and modeling system to support six internal departments with use cases for CRM, financial, and activity data. This involved organizing the data into a scalable model while optimizing processes and creating activity stream models to enhance efficiency.

In addition to this, we improved the security and governance of the firm’s sensitive data with a security overhaul. We implemented Looker’s user management framework and day-to-day administration of users for optimal accuracy. We provided training and support for users across five departments, offering office hours and ad-hoc working sessions as needed.

Our work consolidating and integrating financial data from internal and external sources created streamlined reports to better make business-decisions. We partnered with their data science team to support ongoing search repository initiatives, integrating nearly a dozen external data sources into one report.


Best-in-Class Data Stack Reduces Costs, while Driving Efficiency

Developing a tailored data stack for the firm resulted in the following:

  • Best-in-class cloud data stack with reduced costs, enhanced scalability and maintenance efficiency.
  • Actionable reports and dashboards enabled the team to make timely and informed strategic decisions.
  • Ability to adapt easily due to having a data team that scales up or down depending on projects and business needs.

Multiple teams across the firm now are able to achieve their goals through improved data analytics, dashboards, and strategic guidance.

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