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About Us

Community Outreach at Spaulding Ridge 

Spaulding Ridge believes in the power of volunteerism.


Creating opportunities to give back.

Spaulding Ridge’s Community Outreach Committee strives to provide every with the opportunity to give back.




Spaulding Ridge holds regular community service events at each office and for remote employees to help our bandmates make a positive impact in their communities.

Our goal is to achieve 100% participation across the company in at least one service activity, with an average of 12 hours per bandmate.




Every year, our teams give back to local communities by partnering with organizations that provide food access and distribution to communities in need. No one should go hungry.


Spaulding Ridge collects canned food, clothes, toiletries, and more for communities in need throughout the year, partnering with local charities to distribute what is needed most.

Solar Panel

We frequently partner with park foundations across the United States and Canada to organize clean-up days and give back to our cities.


We believe in ‘Think Global’–understanding that our we are not alone in the places we live and work. Because of that, we are deeply committed to Ben Ramirez, Manager improving our communities through outreach efforts, from cleaning parks to mentoring underrepresented youth.

Ben Ramirez | Manager, Spaulding Ridge 

Make Global Impact With Us

Your work should be more than a job. Join us in making a difference.