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Mental Wellness Alliance (MWA) at Spaulding Ridge

Spaulding Ridge believes supporting the wellbeing of its employees is a key pillar to living our company’s values.

Prioritizing Mental Health

Spaulding Ridge believes that, while consulting may sometimes be a challenging career, we all should be able to prioritize both our mental health and our professional success. Mental Wellness Alliance fosters an environment where employees can reduce the stigma of mental health, raise awareness, create a culture of acceptance, and support one another.


Mental Wellness Alliance shares knowledge and resources, supports employees, and cultivates community connections to make Spaulding Ridge a great place to work.


Spaulding Ridge employees need resources to make sure they can keep mental health a priority. MWA champions positive change both in corporate policy and organizational culture and prioritizes advocating for employees in need of support. As advocates, we prioritize speaking up for employees who may feel uncomfortable voicing their own opinions and help to break the stigma around mental health.


MWA sources and shares resources with employees to help them establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The group hosts events featuring SR employees along with expert speakers and mental health professionals to increase awareness around mental health and wellbeing. Our most recent events focused on Building Belonging in High Performance Teams and Navigating Mental Health Discussions in the workplace.


In partnership with HR, MWA identifies opportunities to enhance the benefits offered to our workforce like the identification of a global employee assistance provider for employees in all regions to have direct access to confidential external support when facing personal or work-related problems.


Every employee deserves to feel connected to their job and to their coworkers. To that end, MWA gives our bandmates opportunities to build stronger relationships and a greater sense of belonging both in the office and in hybrid work environments.

Senior Director

“I see mental wellness as a critical daily practice for maintaining balance, health, and happiness. Prioritizing my own mental wellness is also a way of caring about others: the quality of my life directly influences my interactions with the people around me.”

Ken Schrock | Senior Director, Spaulding Ridge 

Meet the MWA Leadership Team 

The leadership team for the Mental Wellness Alliance is a group of bandmates who have a shared passion for fighting the stigma around discussing mental health in the workplace. What started organically as a peer support group to promote work-life balance in 2022 has grown into an established employee resource group geared towards increasing engagement and retention across the band.

Executive Sponsors: Kyle Rish & Ken Schrock

Managing Partner

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