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PROUD at Spaulding Ridge

Spaulding Ridge celebrates & supports the LGBTQ+ community, at our firm and around the world. 


Creating a safe space for all. 

Spaulding Ridge PROUD provides a comprehensive venue of support for all bandmates and to continue expanding our values surrounding the LGBTQ+ community. 


PROUD at Spaulding Ridge works towards building safe spaces for everyone and to amplify LGBTQ+ voices.

We create opportunities for education, advise on company policies, and provide charitable and material support, all with a focus on intersectionality and allyship.


As Spaulding Ridge’s LGBTQ+ resource group, PROUD advises the executive team and the company overall on how our policies and procedures can be more inclusive, more supportive, and more effective, and we advocate for the resources that our LGBTQ+ bandmates need to be their whole, authentic selves at work. 


PROUD creates space for dialogue & conversation to foster allyship and understanding within the band and beyond, holding regular discussions and providing resources to allies. Past topics have included: Pronouns and Gender Identity; Juneteenth and Pride; and Allyship.


PROUD runs a minimum of one yearly fundraiser for an organization working towards the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. Past fundraisers have included The Human Rights Campaign, OutRight International, & True Colors. We are partnering with our Community Service team to create more in person volunteer opportunities for additional organizations near our headquarters. 


PROUD partners with our Learning & Development and HR departments to review & suggest inclusive training options & policies that Spaulding Ridge can work towards implementing. 



At Spaulding Ridge, when we’re welcoming and supportive to all bandmates regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity, we’re living out our first value that All Business is Personal.

Jay Laabs | CEO, Spaulding Ridge 

Meet the PROUD Leadership Team 

Dedicated to creating inclusive spaces & increasing knowledge for all bandmates. 

Executive Sponsors: Jessica Cook & Ryan Tomchek

Senior Director
Senior Associate

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