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Create actionable plans to meet long-term sustainability while hitting your financial targets.

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) is used to align executive leadership around long-term financial and operating performance. Forecasting your future environmental sustainability profile, whether it is GHG emissions or waste generation, requires understanding of the exact same factors as S&OP–what you are going to sell, what new products are being developed, what raw materials you need, and how you’ll operate to deliver it. Adding environmental impact to your S&OP process is easy with Spaulding Ridge’s SE&OP solution utilizing Anaplan.

Most ESG tools on the market are backwards looking, for reporting purposes only. But adding ESG to S&OP gives your company a scalable, highly adaptable, and configurable platform for looking forward: allowing you to evaluate specific ideas and create roadmaps.

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Anaplan SEOP

Business Challenges Solved

Solar Panel

Enhances your ability to hit your environmental goals.

Finance & Operations1

Provides insight into the sustainability and financial impacts of proposed environmental initiatives within the context of the overall business plan.


Provides a new framework for sustainability planning with access to fully vetted business assumptions and qualified decision-makers.

Meet Our Expert

Ken Schrock

Ken Schrock is a business leader with 30+ years of industry experience and a passion for Environmental Sustainability. He has extensive experience in supply chain, operations, environmental engineering, lean manufacturing, and diversity/inclusion.

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