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Lay the Foundation of Successful Sales Performance

Spaulding Ridge’s sales performance management solutions address technology manufacturing’ most complex obstacles such as incentive compensation, data capabilities, and overall sales planning bottlenecks. We aim to provide simple, flexible, and accurate resources for sales teams to focus more on what matters most, the customer.

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Automate sales processes
Increase overall revenue and profitability 
Streamline sales teams and give them the tools to succeed
Database Files
Provide accurate data solutions to gain real-time and forecasting capabilities 
Upwards Trend
Enhance sales strategy to drive consistent business growth
Sales Planning with Anaplan

Improve Sales Target Accuracy with Connected Sales Planning Tools

Accurate sales forecasts are necessary to stay competitive in today’s market. Implementing a sales performance management solution is a great place to start – driving scalability, speed, and agility in your sales planning process.

Spaulding Ridge’s Sales Planning Optimization solution applies functional best practices for territory and quota planning and management using Anaplan.

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Sales Performance

Maximize Profitability with the Right Tool

Unlock the hidden potential of your manufacturing sales with our cutting-edge sales performance management solutions. Imagine having the power to track real-time data, strategically plan and segment your accounts, accurately forecast future sales, and effortlessly manage incentive compensation – all in one comprehensive package.

Our innovative tools not only streamline your sales processes but also empower your team to achieve maximum growth.


Unify end-to-end sales planning

Set targets that balance market opportunity and financial objectives

In-year territory & quota management to reflect market shifts

Boost sales with effective incentive compensation management

Power data structures and insights with AI

Transform With Ease

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