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Anaplanners are, by nature, a unique group of curious, tenacious, problem-solvers—dedicated to a technology that is designed to be agile and resilient. Anaplan connects communities of people with data to enhance and optimize decision-making capabilities. And speaking of connections, that’s exactly how Madison Marino began her journey with Anaplan, rising all the way to the ranks of Master Anaplanner! But she’s not stopping there. Madison continues to learn and refine her model-building skills every day.

Over two years ago, my Anaplan journey began as an analyst with Spaulding Ridge. As an Anaplan consultant, I was tasked to review business requirements, recommend process improvements, and design solutions using the Anaplan platform. Although I’ve learned a lot on the job, my educational background and prior work experience have influenced my role in working with Anaplan.

Before my Anaplan journey began, I was pursuing my degree in business at The Ohio State University.  I was undecided at first but always interested in analytics, and the idea of helping a company improve its business processes to overall make the company better through technology was intriguing to me. The Management Information Systems track stood out to me as an opportunity to explore my interest in analytics as well as further develop my business acumen. My courses highlighted the importance of designing, implementing, integrating, and maintaining computer-based solutions to solve business problems ” all of which I use every day as an Anaplan consultant.

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