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Year three has turned out to be a very bittersweet year at Spaulding Ridge. The year has been an emotionally challenging year with COVID and the associated isolation, the murder of George Floyd and a polarized political climate. I am so proud of our band seamlessly pivoting to remote delivery while balancing personal safety, home schooling and shaky internet. The mental toughness required to keep our execution level high is incredible, and I am a very grateful leader of this group of professionals. Overall, we had a very productive year growing over 50%.

We are especially grateful for the following in Year 3:

1. The Acceleration of Digital Transformation

Much has been written about the success of big tech during the pandemic, and we certainly lived it this year.  It has been exciting to be a part of a once in a generation shift to all things digital.  Reflecting on the challenges facing our clients to transform their planning systems, contracting vehicles, and pricing tools literally overnight; it has been an incredible pivot.

When history looks back at the business impacts of COVID, beyond the devastating loss of life and small business, much will be written on how top companies took advantage of this chaos by embracing the digital innovation.  COVID was the motivation to shift going all digital as quickly as possible.  It is hard for me to imagine a world where an EA is walking around a paper contract to get wet signatures and then filing the paper in a file cabinet.  Yet, twelve months ago that was still the norm in most companies.

2. Efficient Execution

Our bandmates are probably better connected to each other this year compared to last.  The immediate pivot to Zoom, Team Video and FaceTime to stay connected to each other has been amazing.  Delivery did not miss a beat.  We even moved a good share of our marketing to on-demand video.  We have been able to reach a much broader audience with fewer resources and time investment.

We also made the decision early in the pandemic to go all-in on our digital transformation driving major efficiencies in our own operations.  We first moved to NetSuite for our ERP.  Next, we built an elaborate planning system with Anaplan.  Beyond standard budgeting and planning, we incorporated robust client profitability analysis, territory and quota management, and liquidity management.  Next, we retooled our Salesforce platform adding pricing approvals and enhanced lead and campaign management with Pardot.  As we speak, we are putting the final touches on our DocuSign CLM project.  Integrating our MSA/SOW process within Salesforce is accelerating our ability to respond to our prospects and alliance partners.  Anaplan also has become our analytics platform combining data from all the sources.

I must give a shout out to the efficient execution of the Pharma Industry.  I am still a little in disbelief that we are vaccinating the public in under a year.  Wow!

3. All Business is Personal

 Our most strategic value, All Business is Personal, was on full display in April.  When no one knew where things were going, the value of genuine relationships shined through.  Some companies took the opportunity to put maximum pressure on their vendors to squeeze them for every single penny not considering the long-term impacts of their actions.  Others took the time to check-in with us to see how we were doing and if they could help.  I will forever be grateful to those that demonstrated what true partnership was all about.  I suspect they will be the companies that thrive when things get back to normal.

With the deepest sincerity to our clients in 2020, the Spaulding Ridge team is deeply grateful for your continued support.  We thank you for accepting that a stray kid or a random pet might have interrupted a Zoom call.  We thank you for checking with your payables department if there was a way to speed up a payment to our small business.  We thank you for treating our team members as your own; respecting work/life balance and the awareness that personal circumstances during this time are truly unique.  Humanity is doing as best as it can to manage through this pandemic while keeping their families safe.  Thank you.

We cannot wait to safely see everyone again in person while putting COVID behind us.  We are planning for another year of 50% growth.  Our new alliance with Coupa is up and running.  We are opening HQ2 in Toronto this summer and new offices in Sydney and Paris.  Our partners at Anaplan, DocuSign, OneStream and Salesforce are innovating rapidly for our clients.  Please let us know how we can help.

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