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Managed services for cloud solutions exist for a reason, but common managed services myths dissuade cost-minded leaders from utilizing them. The truth is that leveraging managed services for your business is key to accelerating and maintaining success.

Your employees each have their own areas of expertise and finite time to complete all their work. How many of those finite hours are being spent managing your business solutions? Do you really have the bandwidth to spare them?

Chances are, if you haven’t deployed managed services for your cloud solutions yet, it’s because of one of the following myths:

Myth #1: Managed services are for people who don’t know what they’re doing.

Reality: Managed services are extremely helpful for skilled teams. If you have smart, capable people managing your technology but they’re spending all their time on simple bug fixes, managed services can allow them to do more valuable work. You’ll get more out of your existing team, your in-house resources will be more satisfied with your work, and you’ll be able to drive better results for your business.

Myth #2: Managed services teams won’t be able to work with my integrated tech stack.

Reality: While some managed services teams may have a focus on a certain platform or technology, a good one has business-level knowledge as well. Choosing a provider with a broad knowledge of various business solutions and platforms, as well as integrations best practices, will make sure your managed services partner can support your unique needs.

Myth #3: Managed services have limited working hours and won’t be available when I need them.

Reality: An effective managed services practice has staff available for all business hours—and even non-business hours. Providers who employ a ‘follow the sun’ model can provide 24 hours of support, with someone always available to help.

Myth #4: Managed services are too expensive.

Reality: How many labor hours are being spent on maintenance, project management, and adoption issues for your cloud solutions? And how much is slower progress on major projects costing you? When you look at the full cost-benefit analysis, hiring a managed services team may be a smart investment, allowing you to work more flexibly and add more value.

Myth #5: I hired someone to implement new cloud tech, but I can handle adoption.

Reality: If a company installs a game-changing tech solution but no one uses it, what is its value? Managed services teams often include experts on outlining and managing adoption programs for your technology. They know the most efficient ways to get your team moving on the new tech you’ve invested in. Adoption takes time and consistency—do you have the time it takes to ensure its success?

Have you been letting myth get in the way of making progress? Contact our managed services team to see how our cloud managed services can get you back to business and on the path to success.