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Center of Excellence (CoE) can be a daunting undertaking, especially if you have a full Connected Planning vision on the horizon. While the vision may be big, the first steps are small and consistent to ensure you are involving the right people early enough to set yourself up for success. Let this be that guide to your first steps.

Step One: Start Early

We recommend that before (or during) project kick-off you identify individuals to fill each of the below key CoE roles. Identifying the CoE members early enables the individuals to engage throughout the project and understand why their participation is critical to the immediate implementation and future vision.

You will need to Identify who will fill the following roles:

Step Two: Enable Your Team

Before you dive into project requirements, it is important to dedicate time to completing formal Anaplan training. This enables all Model Builders to have the same foundational knowledge of best practices, the basics of model building, and equip them to understand the tactics of the overall strategy of your connected planning journey.

Starting from Day One of kick-off, it is important for your designated Model Builders to work alongside the implementation Partner. By participating in the build work, you become the owner (and expert) in not just your internal process, but its outworking in the Anaplan solution. This intimate knowledge aides future development, troubleshooting, and internal training and documentation.

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