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At Spaulding Ridge, we’ve been working closely with many clients who have found new and creative ways to leverage Anaplan during this tumultuous year to closely monitor their business and prepare for the future. Some are finding significant value in pre-existing Anaplan applications to help guide them to solve complex issues during these times of uncertainty. Today, we’re highlighting Anaplan solutions that are being used to better plan and prepare for the future.

Supply Chain Predictability 

A large consumer goods company has been able to utilize Anaplan’s flexibility and ease of use to predict supply chain impacts from multiple disruptive events. Late last year they were able to prepare for multiple tariff scenarios disrupting their supply chain. This allowed them to take proactive measures, and with this improved insight into their supply chain, they were able to better manage their inventory to reduce shortages and maximize their profitability for any scenario. Within the current environment, they have not been faced with decreased demand but had been forced to temporarily shut down manufacturing facilities. With Anaplan, they can accurately predict future inventory level issues, focus their efforts to prevent those future inventory issues, and, where necessary, minimize the financial impact of supply outages. 

Cash Flow Forecasting

A large airline services company was able to quickly utilize their existing Anaplan environment to provide more detailed insight into their 13-week cash flow. The airline industry was one of the first to be impacted by the events of this year. Within one week, they were able to expand upon their existing FP&A implementation to add cash flow forecasting capabilities and have been using Anaplan to analyze future cash flows within the major lines of their business. They can also predict future periods where a cash infusion may be required and analyze cash flows for multiple scenarios depending on the duration and severity of the reduction in demand for their services. This allows them to be proactive and adjust variables such as workforce and operating costs to ride out the current storm. 

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