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This home appliances manufacturing company is a multinational manufacturer.

They generate 21 billion dollars annually in revenue and are known for high-quality home appliances.


Replace Cumbersome, Ineffective commercial business processes

The company had previously been managing its core commercial business planning processes in Excel and Google Sheets. This was an extremely cumbersome and ineffective process due to the thousands of SKUs across different brands and product families.

Digital assets related to products were in disconnected systems, causing customers to have to use multiple systems with unique logins to find information. Oftentimes, information could not even be located. This poor user experience created a negative impact on customer experience.

The company chose Spaulding Ridge to enable trade promotion management, inventory, and broader S&OP processes.


Efficient Long Term Plan: Integrating Change Management and Client Enablement

Spaulding Ridge was engaged to build out a roadmap for Anaplan globally, assisting with the optimization and automation of various processes.

Using existing models, Spaulding Ridge improved efficiencies and developed a long-term plan that included change management, client enablement, and a technically sound solution.

Spaulding Ridge deployed several solutions including TPM, inventory, S&OP, margin, MSRP, and pricing for the company internationally.


Saving time and money: Planning Cycle that took 55 hours now takes minutes

Through creating standardized global business processes, this home appliances manufacturing company has been able to save time and money.

The planning cycle that previously took 55 hours can now be executed in a matter of minutes.  Preliminary forecast accuracy improvements are in the 3% range and when scaled successfully, can positively impact millions of dollars in inventory reduction.

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