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DocuSign CLM Connector for Coupa

Stop Wasting Time. Scale Buy-Side Efficiently with Connected Procurement.

Procure-to-Pay Connected Contracts

Spaulding Ridge and DocuSign are excited to announce the first Procure-to-Pay Connected Contracts solution. Spaulding Ridge developed the procurement contract solution by uniting two best-in-cloud solutions, DocuSign CLM and Coupa, to streamline buy-side contracts.

DocuSign and Spaulding Ridge estimate a Q2 2022 roll-out of the only Coupa and DocuSign CLM connector on the market. This real-time connection leverages data from Coupa to populate contracts and reportable metadata in DocuSign CLM.

The Connector allows you to:


Automatically create or update contracts and metadata in Coupa or DocuSign CLM, eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors across platforms

Project Management

Share purchase orders, requisitions, invoices, and more across systems for improved consistency


Synchronize pertinent procurement information used for contracting such as purchase requests, orders, and approval chains between both platforms


Get started with no custom development

Transform Your Buy-Side Contracts Today with Connected Procurement

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Alisha Ahuja

Director, Data Solutions

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