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DocuSign CLM Connector for Coupa

Stop Wasting Time. Scale Buy-Side Efficiently with Connected Procurement.

Procure-to-Pay Connected Contracts

Spaulding Ridge and DocuSign are excited to announce the first Procure-to-Pay Connected Contracts solution. Spaulding Ridge developed the procurement contract solution by uniting two best-in-cloud solutions, DocuSign CLM and Coupa, to streamline buy-side contracts.

DocuSign and Spaulding Ridge estimate a Q2 2022 roll-out of the only Coupa and DocuSign CLM connector on the market. This real-time connection leverages data from Coupa to populate contracts and reportable metadata in DocuSign CLM.

The Connector allows you to:

  • Automatically create or update contracts and metadata in Coupa or DocuSign CLM, eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors across platforms
  • Share purchase orders, requisitions, invoices, and more across systems for improved consistency
  • Synchronize pertinent procurement information used for contracting such as purchase requests, orders, and approval chains between both platforms
  • Get started with no custom development

1st DocuSign partner to develop a Coupa connector for DocuSign CLM

1st SI to develop an integration using DocuSign’s Connection Framework

Transform Your Buy-Side Contracts Today with Connected Procurement

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Alisha Ahuja

Director, Data Solutions

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