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About Us

Women Elevate (WE) at Spaulding Ridge

Spaulding Ridge’s commitment to elevating women in tech.

Cultivating a Space for Women to Lead

At Spaulding Ridge, we are creating a space for women to develop as leaders. We want to provide an endless number of tools and resources to allow women everywhere to reach their highest potential.





As women, we should never accept anything or anyone that tells us we are not able to do something. If you truly want it or believe in it, then you need to go after it and do it.

Our Peaks of Women Elevate

From our Spaulding Ridge bandmates to our strategic partners and clients, we make a lasting impact on the role of women in the work force.

San Pancho Walk
Spaulding Ridge Women.

WE makes space for women to support each other, beginning with our hiring process, through professional development, and beyond. Our team is constantly working together, learning from one another, and helping other women in our communities through service.

Strategic Partners
Our Strategic Partners

WE works with our technology and service partners to bring together women across all technologies. Through programs, mentorships, and sponsorships, WE hopes to inspire all women to become leaders that make a difference for the better. Working alongside our partners, WE solidifies Spaulding Ridge’s commitment to improving the workplace for women, and constantly strives to improve and educate.









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Our Clients

WE teams up with our clients to help women in their workforce build their careers and leadership skills. With a community of women, WE creates opportunities for learning, networking, and inclusion through webinars and events.







Meet Some of Our Spaulding Ridge Women Leaders

Focused on the mentorship and development of women across Spaulding Ridge.

Vice President, Human Resources
Chief of Staff
Managing Partner
Senior Managing Partner, President
Vice President, Operations
Senior Director

Supporting Women Communities Globally

Volunteer Events

Across the globe, Women Elevate has volunteered and donated to many causes supporting women’s rights and health. In our Chicago headquarters, Women Elevate came together and served meals through the Lincoln Park Community Shelter and was able to provide meals and leftovers. They also sponsored a food drive for the Greater Chicago Food Depository in November 2022. Women Elevate in Jaipur, India participated in Women’s Shelter Donation Drive in support of IHA Sansthan where they made 20 dignity kits for women in need. These are just two of many examples, but the precedent was set: Women Elevate supports women in their communities and around the globe.



This year we brought to you our second ever Women Elevate23 conference on embracing equity for women in tech. Hear from leading industry professionals from TEDx speakers to SVPs on topics including women in sales, DE&I, and how to become a successful leader in today’s dynamic business environment.


Women Elevate23: How Women in Tech Can Drive DE&I Efforts Across the Industry
Women Elevate23: A Seat at the Table: Growing and Establishing Women Leaders
Women Elevate22: The New Age of Business Transformation: Are You Future-Proof?

WE at Spaulding Ridge bring together our women and men to have the tough conversations about how to support and empower women in their careers.

Leadership Circle
Women Ambassador Program

The WE team at Spaulding Ridge meets regularly for conversations on what it means to be a woman in leadership. We aim to help women elevate their careers and grow as professionals. Our goal is to share tools and resources with the community to inspire more to see their potential.


All bandmates at Spaulding Ridge are encouraged to join Women Elevate in having conversations about women in the workforce and how we can consistently advocate and strive to improve.

Food Security
Moms of Spaulding Ridge

We bring moms together from all different points in life to share different perspectives and recommendations on balance and career satisfaction.

Mentorship Program

Women Elevate has their own mentorship program to empower women to set boundaries in the workforce and learn work-life balance skills that will set them up for professional success.

Women Leadership Awards

2019 Consulting Magazine Women Leaders In Consulting
2019 Women Leaders in Consulting by Consulting Magazine
2020 Women Leaders In Technology
2020 Women Leaders in Technology by Consulting Magazine
2021 Crains Notable Executives In Marketing
2021 Notable Executives in Marketing by Crain’s Chicago

We Have the Hard Conversations

Having a safe place for our bandmates to have the conversations that matter is something we strive for. We have the uncomfortable conversations that help propel each of our bandmates forward.

A Conversation with Libby Greco, VP, Alliances, Salesforce
A Conversation with Ana Pinczuk, Chief Development Officer, Anaplan
A Conversation with Suzanne Muchin, Co-founder, Bonfire

Empowered Women, Empower Women.

And we truly believe this.

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