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Women Elevate (WE) at Spaulding Ridge

Spaulding Ridge’s commitment to women in our industry has been front and center to our DEI and culture initiatives since day one.

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Cultivating a Space for Women to Lead

At Spaulding Ridge, we are creating a space for women to develop as leaders. We do this by providing tools, resources, and relationships that allow women here to reach their highest potential.

Women Elevate (WE) at Spaulding Ridge brings together people of all genders to have the tough conversations about how to support and empower women in their careers.

Pillars of Women Elevate at Spaulding Ridge


Women Elevate meets regularly for conversations on what it means to be a woman in leadership and to provide a space for women to support each other. As an ERG, we help women elevate their careers and grow as professionals. We believe by sharing tools and resources with the community, more women will see their own potential. We regularly partner with our strategic partners and clients to create opportunities for learning, networking, and inclusion through webinars and events.  


Through our Moms of Spaulding Ridge initiative, we bring together moms from all different points in life to share their perspectives and recommendations on balance and career satisfaction. WE also organizes events and gatherings throughout the year to provide our workforce with meaningful opportunities to connect across our offices 


Across the globe, Women Elevate has volunteered and donated to causes supporting women’s rights and health. Our events have included serving meals through the Lincoln Park Community Shelter, sponsoring a food drive for the Greater Chicago Food Depository, and participating in a Women’s Shelter Donation Drive in support of IHA Sansthan in India, where we made dignity kits for women in need. 


“As women, we should never accept anything or anyone that tells us we are not able to do something. If you truly want it or believe in it, then you need to go after it and do it.”

Sarah Katz | President, Spaulding Ridge

Meet the WE Leadership Team

Focused on the mentorship and development of women across Spaulding Ridge.

Executive Sponsors: Sarah Katz & Jeff Garah

Senior Sales Director
Sales Manager


This year we brought to you our third ever Women Elevate conference on inspiring inclusion for women in tech. Hear from CEOs, CHROs, and industry executives that delve into empowering women in the workforce and fostering a culture of allyship.


Women Elevate24, Navigating Change: Supporting Women’s Success in the Workplace
Women Elevate24, Pathway to Success: Celebrating the Diverse Journeys of Women Leaders Across Industries
Women Elevate23, Equity Hour: Women in Sales in an Advantage

“It’s extremely important for women to have a supportive community and lift each other up, especially in a male-dominated industry. I’ve attended a handful of Women of Spaulding Ridge events since joining Spaulding Ridge and am blown away by the community that Women Elevate has created for women at the company; the depth of the conversations and quality of the events goes far beyond what I’ve experienced in women’s DEI groups elsewhere.”

Meghan Shea | Manager, Spaulding Ridge

Women Leadership Awards

2019 Consulting Magazine Women Leaders In Consulting
2019 Women Leaders in Consulting by Consulting Magazine
2020 Women Leaders In Technology
2020 Women Leaders in Technology by Consulting Magazine
2021 Crains Notable Executives In Marketing
2021 Notable Executives in Marketing by Crain’s Chicago

We Have the Hard Conversations

It’s critical for our employees to have conversations that matter. We create forums for questions, for learning, and for growth, helping to propel each of our employees forward.

A Conversation with Libby Greco, VP, Alliances, Salesforce
A Conversation with Ana Pinczuk, Chief Development Officer, Anaplan
A Conversation with Suzanne Muchin, Co-founder, Bonfire

Empowered Women Empower Women.

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