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Power Sales Teams and Maximize Performance with AI

Only 30% of companies are using AI-powered sales technology in any capacity. It’s time for sales teams to utilize the innovative tool to their advantage. Spaulding Ridge’s expertise in AI-powered solutions can help organizations drive efficient operational efficiencies for their sales team, especially intent scoring.

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A decrease in hours of manual efforts
An increase in conversion rates from leads to meetings
Enhancements in profitability margins
Database Files
A “One-Source-of-Truth” for all data
Insights for Success

Improve Prospect Scoring with the Latest in Artificial Intelligence

Getting upselling and cross-selling right means knowing more about your customers. AI can provide straightforward intent scoring for each prospect, guiding your reps towards the right actions. In this article, Spaulding Ridge data expert Mei Liu walks through how it’s done.

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Better Satisfaction, Better Morale, Better Outcomes

Embracing AI into your intent scoring strategy can unlock a wide variety of potential for organizations. From improving leads to overall sales performance, sales teams have a unique opportunity to overtake the competition and increase incentives for their employees.

Unlock valuable insights into:

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Improvements in lead prioritization

Analyze customer behavior and engagement data to determine which leads are likely to convert

Sales efficiency improvements

By identifying and focusing on high-intent leads, reduce time and resources spent on low-quality leads

Gain better customer understandings

Generate impactful insights into customer behaviors and preferences, enabling a more personal approach to customers

Real-time insights & analytics

Attain real-time updates on lead intent, allowing sales teams to respond quickly to changes in behaviors

Enhancing alignment in sales and marketing

Create a “source-of-truth” for lead quality that sales and marketing teams can get behind

Enabling predictive outcomes

With AI, predict future customer behaviors based on previous behaviors and historical data. Engage with customers that will most likely make a purchase.

Continuous improvements

AI’s self-sufficient capabilities offers long-term adaptability and enhancements, continuously improving effectiveness and accuracy

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