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Dynamically navigate liquidity and cash flow uncertainty in a volatile market

Economic disruption is the new normal and can no longer be managed as a one-off event. How a CFO manages their organizations liquidity and cash position will determine how well their organization navigates disruption in the future. Achieve visibility into short- and long-term cash flows while modeling for working capital, debt, and interest with Spaulding Ridge’s Liquidity and Cash Management solution utilizing Anaplan. The 13-week cash flow forecast provides insights into short-term, daily or weekly cash flow positions and analyzes what cash is tied up in working capital.

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Anaplan Liquidity and Cash Management

Business Challenges Solved

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Improve enterprise visibility into critical metrics like cash receipts and payments in the short-term


Monitor cash conversion cycles to determine forecast accuracy and effectiveness of cash collections


Model covenant / ratios to manage risks and avoid potential breaches of terms


Run alternative scenarios to finance a cash deficit or effectively deploy cash surpluses

Anaplan Liquidity and Cash Management, Powered by Spaulding Ridge

Technology required: Anaplan
Key Features
  • Foundational cash flow model based on actuals from transactional systems to see sources and uses of cash
  • Working capital outlook based on agreed payment terms
  • Integration with treasury management system for advanced debt and liquidity modelling
  • Predictive modelling and flexible scenario analysis to make informed decisions in a timely manner
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Meet Our Expert

Matt Cain, Partner

A 10+ year finance industry veteran, Matt developed this solution to provide cash flow insights to Spaulding Ridge’s finance clients.

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