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JumpStart the Modular Enterprise Workflow

JumpStart is a workflow accelerator for DocuSign CLM, designed from the ground up to be modular and infinitely expandable. JumpStart can have you in the system and using out-of-the-box functions on day one.

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Procurement Lifecycle

What Makes This Different

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Designed from the ground up to be reusable and easy to understand

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Multi-purpose, handles many contracting use cases

Workflow 1

Dynamic workflow routing, choose the routing scenario that fits your needs


Eight of the top CLM actions ready on day one with externalized configuration


Advanced failure recovery, never lose a workflow


Externalized configuration form, with the ability to toggle functions and easily map new functions and features and maintain the system

File Nodes

Out of the box, intake form, attributes, folder creation, and document naming convention

JumpStart for DocuSign CLM, Powered by Spaulding Ridge

Key Features
  • Jumpstart Proprietary Workflow Base
  • 1 Configurable Task Group
  • No Code Workflow Configuration Panel
  • 3 Common Workflow Routing Options
  • 8 Configurable Workflow Actions
  • 10 Best Practice Attributes
  • Best Practice Folder Structure and Naming Convention
  • Basic Intake Form

Timeline & Technology Requirements

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Installed & ready to use within hours

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Must have DocuSign CLM

Meet Our Expert

Jake McMillan, Director

Jake McMillan is a certified DocuSign CLM implementation consultant and the primary architect behind the JumpStart solution.

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