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What is Anaplan?

Anaplan is an entirely configurable cloud-based software platform that allows for secure, real-time
connected planning across business functions. Anaplan can be built to meet complex modeling needs and compensation structures, removing the need for the firm to force requirements into a pre-developed software.

Through capturing multi-year tranches, retirement eligibility and service dates, financial services firms transition out of a high-touch process and into an on-demand self-serve function. As a result, compensation managers see improved productivity, more accurate calculations with supporting details and preserved data integrity through stronger internal controls. In addition, this information can be more securely shared with other internal departments and regulatory agencies.

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Upwards Trend
Full-Firm Reporting

Precision, consolidation, and automation power your firm’s full reporting capabilities, resulting in a holistic view of your firm’s data in real-time

“What-If” Scenarios

Utilize flexible scenarios, enabling rapid analysis of best-case, worst-case, and other what-if scenarios that may arise

Hand Star
On-Demand Self-Serve Function

Streamline reporting using centralized employee rules to enhance transparency to your firm’s compensation structures

Compensation Expense Planning with Anaplan

Aligning the Front Office with the Back Office Over Firms’ Largest Costs

From capturing employee agreements, to forecasting what-if scenarios and offering full firm reporting, Anaplan is uniquely equipped to provide different business leaders, portfolio managers and front office stakeholders with transparency into the personnel expenses impacting the P&L. Additionally, the corporate functions supporting the front office can be managed within the same platform, creating a single-source-of-truth across the organization for all compensation related matters.

By unifying the corporate functions into one platform, compensation managers and controllers can visit one system to provide planned inputs, rationalize employee performance and communicate employee rewards. Using robust workflows and approvals, firms gain control and efficiency in the overall planning process. Spending less time reconciling disparate sources for data accuracy leaves more time for deep analysis on financial positioning, talent strategy, compensation guidance, retention and the ability to provide reporting and regulatory guidance.

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Create a Flexible Model to Drive Real Value:

Generate and consolidate quarterly and annual reports across different scenarios based on planning periods

Freely adjust strike price, volatility, interest rates, and time to maturity to predict potential outcomes

With comparative viewpoints into compensation expense analysis, unexpected future needs can easily be accommodated for

Flexibility empowers contingency planning that is grounded in data-driven analysis

Reduce risk of inaccuracies stemming from irregular or overlooked personnel information and computations