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Move towards integrated financial modeling to strengthen your finance teams.

Our financial solutions are built for a world of rapidly shifting economic pressures, so as the marketplace changes, you can focus on what matters. Spaulding Ridge empowers the office of the CFO to connect their finance outputs to operational inputs, and their insights to ways of increasing revenue, gross margins, and profits. We use solutions that connect to existing data sources across the organization, keep the underlying data reliable and transparent, and reduce manual efforts so teams can make real-time decisions with ease, accuracy, and confidence.

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Capabilities that help you move 3x faster

Gaining power over your financial planning reduces financial risk and eliminates uncertainty around future performance.

Collect, model, and analyze data in real-time from an integrated, comprehensive platform.

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Access comprehensive integrated financial modeling

Connect operational planning with finance

Remove siloed, disparate team processes

Increase visibility with extensive version sensitivities

Leverage machine-learning and artificial intelligence

Enable continuous planning capabilities

Streamline cross-department operations

Reduce planning & forecasting cycle time & increase planning cycle frequency

Deeper Insights for Retailers 

We deliver solutions that respond to real challenges retailers face, helping you stay competitive whatever happens. Talk to us about how we can help. 

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Unified end-to-end demand planning

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Workforce planning   

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Supply chain management 

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Integrated business planning 

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Financial and capital planning 

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