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Culture Spotlight: Featuring Managed Service’s Lydia Johnson

The first installment of our Culture Spotlight Series is here! This new series highlights our bandmates and their impact on our unique culture, client success, and personal backgrounds.

Lydia Johnson, Spaulding Ridge’s Salesforce Solutions Architect Manager, knows the difficulties of identifying, implementing, and maintaining cloud software. Fortunately, Lydia and the managed services team are there to support clients no matter what they face. We sat down with Lydia to discuss her and her team’s impact on clients and how their work embodies Spaulding Ridge’s values, “All Business is Personal,” “Efficient Execution,” and “Culture Forward” principles.

Spaulding Ridge: Great to connect, Lydia! To kick things off, tell us a bit about your background and role at Spaulding Ridge.

Lydia Johnson: Great to be here! My background consists of being a Salesforce Administrator and leader of internal Salesforce support teams within enterprise-level companies before jumping to consulting 5+ years ago. I have been at Spaulding Ridge for 3+ years, primarily within our managed services practice.

With such an emphasis on people-facing roles, I was naturally drawn to managed services. I’m proud to have developed our official Salesforce Managed Services practice, where we can work directly with clients to solve any complex problem post-go-live. Working directly with internal support teams and clients with similar backgrounds to mine was a natural fit.

Spaulding Ridge: I can tell! How do you get started with a new client?

Johnson: Well, first and foremost, it begins with listening. Every client is different, and building a personal relationship with them is the foundation for long-term success. Many clients often come to us to help maintain and scale their new cloud software in-house. Many business leaders and teams have competing priorities, making it difficult to dedicate time to their cloud services independently. Especially in an environment where competition is at an all-time high and costs continue to increase, there’s pressure on businesses to maintain ROI success. We recognize that, and that’s why we’re here.

We often ask them, “Do you have the bandwidth to handle everything independently?” or “Are you comfortable and ready to start using the new cloud platform freely?” Suppose those types of questions stress out the client. In that case, we tell them that managed services are a great option for freeing up bandwidth for competing priorities while maintaining cloud application efficiency.

Spaulding Ridge: What does the process look like for Spaulding Ridge supporting clients in their managed services journey?

Johnson: Well, how much time do we have? Just kidding! Elaborating on the listening part I mentioned, I break out our managed services process into stages.
First, we listen to the client and the roadblocks they face post-go-live. It’s our job to dig deep into the issues and advise them on the best course of action. Each client is different, and we take the time to fully understand their pain points to build a solution tailored to their business needs accurately.

Second, our team begins to build the managed services framework for the client. Whether it’s hands-on assistance or implementing a center of excellence filled with resources to assist employees’ day-to-day interactions, it’s our job to build that continuous support system. Lastly, the most important stage of all, in my opinion, is adaptation, or “continuity of care.” Cloud applications and technologies constantly evolve, and key stakeholders have enough on their plate to adapt to another change. Our team assists in the constant evolution of the platform, optimizing new capabilities to continue the path of positive business returns.

Spaulding Ridge: I love that. What do you think sets Spaulding Ridge apart from other managed service providers?

Johnson: Because we are the best, obviously! But in all seriousness, our emphasis on building and keeping relationships sets us apart. We truly immerse ourselves in our clients’ organizations and are readily available to assist them in whatever shape or form they may be. We want to be able to solve problems and easily recognize how to solve them in a way that is familiar to the client, speaking their language.

This approach helps deepen our bond and continues to lead us toward success. We’ve even seen our clients stay on longer, shifting from three-month contracts to year-long ones solely because of the success they have seen with the collaboration.

We aren’t, “order takers”, too. We don’t just follow orders from clients, build cloud applications how they want, and not provide real advice and value. When we partner with clients, we partner with them. We are with them every step of the way, and if we identify certain processes or dynamics that aren’t sufficient, we make sure that they are known. We want to utilize our expertise to guide clients in the right direction. We aren’t the “yes person” but the “we’re going to make sure this works for you” team.

Spaulding Ridge: What is one thing people should know about Spaulding Ridge?

Johnson: Managed services at Spaulding Ridge are ready for you now and for however long you need the security to maintain cloud stability. In a market with velocity and hitting quotas rapidly, managed services are the extension of a team that provides immediate access, care, and support to businesses looking to gain a competitive edge. We care about you, the client, above anything else.

Our team comes with years of experience, and we’re available to tackle any challenge related to business growth. This is more of a relationship than a partnership; we grow with you at every step of the journey.

Spaulding Ridge: You’ve talked a lot about your impact on clients through managed services. What about your internal impact at Spaulding Ridge? What makes working at Spaulding Ridge different?

Johnson: Spaulding Ridge is upfront about its values & what’s important. It’s what brought me into the band 3 years ago and kept me here. I tell people in interviews that no one here has ever shut me down when I’ve had an idea, they’ve just asked if I have the space to own that idea and run with it. It’s allowed me to really engage with creating work for the company with a sense of real ownership.

I’ve gotten involved in training, content, and program development and even led one of our employee resource groups, PROUD, our group representing LGBTQ+ bandmates and allies. I would say my work with PROUD has been one of the most special & rewarding things I’ve been able to do in my professional career. PROUD has allowed me to contribute to our company culture and help make Spaulding Ridge a more accepting, supportive workplace. I’m passionate about it and bringing that passion into my professional life has been incredibly fulfilling.

Spaulding Ridge: Amazing; thanks so much, Lydia, for speaking with us today.

Johnson: My pleasure!

Our bandmates drive business impact for clients and provide an impactful perspective on company culture. Bandmates like Lydia give Spaulding Ridge its identity, built on “All Business is Personal,” “Culture Forward,” and “Efficient Execution.”