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We are proud to accept the “EMEA Rising Star Award” at the Fivetran Partner Summit 2021 as an acknowledgement of our achievements. At CIS Consulting, a company of Spaulding Ridge, we work hard to make data tools like Fivetran available to the forward-thinking, technology-driven companies and deliver superior business value by building scalable data architectures.

The last two years of partnership with Fivetran have been a challenging but ultimately rewarding experience, for both our companies and the data community at large. Together, we made a revolutionary move from the traditional paradigm to a Modern Data Stack concept which relies on cutting-edge solutions like Fivetran, able to perform real-time automated data ingestion and provide ready-to-query data. We leverage the expertise of our On-Demand Data Team to implement best practices and enable companies of all sizes to be truly data-driven. A strong partner relationship is fundamental for the success of any project: Fivetran provides the connectors that simplify and accelerate the data-loading process while CIS ensures fast implementation and adoption, be it migration or designing a full data stack from scratch. We prioritise knowledge transfer and put a special emphasis on training the users, so that they can become self-sufficient and see results in no time.

We are always motivated to find new ways in which we can add even more value to our customers.

Spaulding Ridge
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Spaulding Ridge is a leading Advisory and Technology implementation firm. We are passionate about helping business leaders use technology and data to make better, faster decisions.