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For manufacturing companies, competition is fierce. Sales is a particularly tough area: narrow profit margins, aggressive revenue goals, limited team bandwith, and siloed systems all make it tough to run a successful sales operation in the manufacturing sector.

Fortunately, leading manufacturers like Schneider Electric have found solutions. Through an AI-powered customer acquisition approach, a single source of truth for sales, greater productivity and agility through automation, Schneider Electric has been able to drive profitability while also increasing its sustainability and environmental impact.

Hear from Schneider Electric’s Bryan Stevens, Lead Commercial Operations, in conversation with Sarah Katz as he discusses how sales modernization has helped Schneider Electric achieve more, and the urgent need for companies to have a robust integrated business planning system for data-driven decision making:


Bryan Stevens, Schneider“Identifying which digital tools you need is easy. How you deploy technology is the harder part. You should know when to ask for expert help!”

“AI is going to make or break companies over the next decade, which also ties back into why it’s so important to modernize your sales force now.”

– Bryan Stevens | Lead Commercial Operations | Schneider Electric


Spaulding Ridge is currently implementing Anaplan Territory Planning solution at Schneider Electric (SE). Stay tuned for our case study discussing the impact of our solution at SE.

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