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Certinia and Spaulding Ridge

Professional services organizations need more than data—they need certainty. That’s why Spaulding Ridge delivers Certinia.


Happy Customers Create Profitable Businesses

Your customer relationships aren’t only a front- or a back-office responsibility: They’re both. By bringing together data from both sides of your business, you can deliver better services, enable smarter decisions, and drive efficiency within your company.

Partner with Spaulding Ridge to Build Your Certinia Solution

Our Certinia Expertise
  • Professional Services Cloud
  • ERP Cloud
  • Analytics
  • Customer Success Cloud
  • Services CPQ

Professional Services Organizations Need a Partner in Efficiency

For a professional services company, time is your most scarce resource. Companies need a partner that understands how to maximize the effectiveness of their time, allowing them to get past the administrative tasks and focus on the value adds.

We get services businesses, because we are one and because we’ve helped numerous leading companies in this space with challenges ranging from sales to finance to data. In every project, we create solutions that streamline the day-to-day workings of your company and help your company hit its targets.

Why Certinia?

Organizations in the services business need to manage a delicate cycle of interconnected processes, keeping track of client relationships, projects, opportunities, agreements, and teams all at once. Traditional, siloed business technologies can handle individual pieces, but can they support the entire cycle?

Enter Certinia, a technology built to help services-as-a-business companies thrive.

Built on top of Salesforce, Certinia integrates closely with the CRM to give customers unparalleled flexibility within their entire sales and delivery lifecycle. With Spaulding Ridge and Certinia, services businesses can drive greater levels of success.

Services CPQ

  • Sell more effectively
  • Decrease time spent on administrative tasks
  • Bridge the sales to delivery gap

Professional Services Automation

  • Staff projects with an eye to your work pipeline
  • Develop a seamless approach to team management
  • Keep time, expenses, and tasks in line

ERP Cloud

  • Simplify the billing process
  • Illuminate your revenue streams
  • Get your procure-to-pay process working

Customer Success Cloud

  • See every customer’s journey to success
  • Equip your team with playbooks for every stage of the customer lifecycle
  • Bring the right resources to each engagement

Our Certinia Implementation Services

As a partner to professional service providers worldwide, Spaulding Ridge builds solutions that drive value at every stage of the process.

View Comprehensive Services

Digital Transformation
Cloud Advisory & Diagnostics

Work with Certinia experts to diagnose your issues and create a technology roadmap to address them.


Implementation Solutions

Build the connected planning system of your dreams or add necessary functionality, perfectly integrated into your current tech stack.


Change Management & Training

Make sure your systems get used with Spaulding Ridge’s adoption support. From an adoption strategy to testing to training, we’ll maximize the impact of your new implementation.


File Nodes
Data Integration Strategy

Keep your data coherent across your organization. Reduce manual data management and errors by connecting your systems for maximum effect.


Project Management
Managed Services

Focus on what you do best and leave the tech support to our managed services team.


All Business Is Personal

Meet a few members of your dedicated Certinia team.

Managing Partner
Delivery Manager
Senior Sales Director
Senior Associate
Senior Associate
Senior Director
Senior Director

Technology Rationalization Guide

Is your technology doing what it needs to be doing? Spaulding Ridge’s technology rationalization offering provides a step-by-step assessment to ensure your enterprise technology is giving you what you need so you can be sure you’re getting the most value from your tech stack.

Download your free copy and begin your assessment today.

Implement Certinia with Confidence

Reach your goals and enhance operational visibility with a strategic Certinia implementation partner.