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Next-Level Marketing with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Automate processes, manage data, and deliver better marketing outcomes.

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Better Data Leads to Better Marketing

The marketing bar has been raised. Customers now expect omni-channel, immersive buying experiences from every company they interact with, and companies will need to adopt. The answer? A marketing intelligence solution built for the present.

Spaulding Ridge is the preeminent data-first consulting partner for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. With our proven track record of marketing solutions, you can ensure accurate, unified, and actionable data on consumer trends and behaviors.

Spaulding Ridge Can Build Your Marketing Cloud Solution

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Our Marketing Cloud Expertise
  • Data Quality
  • Marketing Cloud Intelligence
  • AI/ML
  • Managed Services
  • Marketing Optimization
  • Data Visualization
  • Tableau
  • Marketing Cloud Engagement
  • Marketing Automation
  • API Connectors

Collaborate With a Tested Marketing Cloud Intelligence Partner

The first-ever certified partner for Datorama, Spaulding Ridge has supported companies in healthcare, entertainment, financial services, and beyond through more than 500 implementations. We’ve delivered effective digital marketing data infrastructure for clients including:

Why Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Customer data enters companies through a wide range of channels. To make sense of it, organizations need a resource that can unify, simplify, and drive actionable data outcomes. With the combination of Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s platform and Spaulding Ridge’s cloud-expertise, companies can now gain access to a 360-view of customers.

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Marketing Cloud Implementation Services

As a partner to enterprises worldwide, Spaulding Ridge builds efficient solutions that drive value at every stage of the marketing process. We’re with you every step of the way to deliver value.

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Implementation Solutions

Build the marketing technology solution you need or add necessary functionality to your technology ecosystem.


File Nodes
Data Integration Strategy

Keep your data coherent and unified across your organization. Reduce manual data management and errors by connecting your systems for maximum effect.


Project Management
Managed Services

Focus on what you do best and leave the tech support to us.


Digital Transformation
Cloud Advisory & Diagnostics

Work with Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts to diagnose your issues and create a technology roadmap to address them.


Change Management & Training

Make sure your systems get used with Spaulding Ridge’s adoption support. From an adoption strategy to testing to training, Spaulding Ridge will maximize the impact of your new implementation, creating a pathway to efficient and sustainable growth.


All Business Is Personal

Meet a few members of your dedicated Marketing Cloud team.

Senior Managing Partner
Sales Senior Director
Delivery Director

Implement Marketing Cloud with Confidence

Reach your goals and enhance operational visibility with a strategic implementation partner.

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