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Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail Solutions

Whether you’re in the business of bringing new products to market or making sure customer staples remain in stock, we’re here to help.


Cloud CPG and Retail Software Planning for the Modern Marketplace

Operational inefficiency isn’t the ideal state for a business, regardless of economic conditions, unprecedented circumstances, or otherwise. The pressure on CPG and Retail companies to balance inventory, labor, inbound/outbound volume, and evolving regulation management.

New developments in technology and delivery channels are continuously reshaping the market. Meanwhile, consumers are increasingly demanding higher quality, greater convenience, faster delivery, and greener environmental practices simultaneously.

Amongst all the noise and challenges, one thing is clear: Legacy planning systems won’t cut it in today’s market. Cloud CPG and Retail software is the premier solution for the modern marketplace, providing enterprise-level visibility across business units, expansive database management, and strategic advantages through predicative data capabilities.


Reach operational efficiency with cloud CPG software.

Enterprise-level Visibility Across Business Units

The past few years, the industry has been dealing with persistent challenges such as supply chain constraints, raw material shortages, labor shortages, and a lightning-speed consumer base. To stay ahead with innovative products, quality service, and quick delivery, GNC partnered with Spaulding Ridge. Hear from James Suiter, Senior Director of Merchandise Planning and Business Intelligence at GNC on why they selected Anaplan to improve their merchandise planning processes.



Foundations for an Advanced CPG/Retail Ecosystem

Supply in the Right Place at the Right Time

Ideally, organizations need to quickly react to market changes—a challenge when manufacturing and shipping can require you to plan six months or more ahead.

Point, legacy, and non-cloud solutions may initially provide out-of-the-box functionality, but strategic shifts eat up time and budget. This lack of flexibility and cost hindrance often results in companies laying a spreadsheet program and a database management system on top of the so-called “solution.”

That doesn’t sound like much of a solution to us.

A technology foundation using cloud CPG and retail software supports your business with predictive data and the ability to shift quickly, anticipating market movements and maximizing profits. Within the universe of cloud technology possibilities, you can have ready-to-go roadmaps for shortages, surpluses, and everything in between—allowing you to react with a tailored strategy to any circumstance.

That’s a Spaulding Ridge solution.

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Senior Director of Merchandise Planning and Business Intelligence

“It was probably one of the smoothest implementations I have experienced in terms of go-live… There’s always usually hiccups and things like that. This was very smooth, very well thought out, and we had a lot of confidence from the get-go that [Spaulding Ridge was] going to deliver.”

James Suiter | Senior Director of Merchandise Planning and Business Intelligence, GNC

We enable leading organizations across business units.


Line Chart
Financial Planning & Analysis

Our Spaulding Ridge Anaplan experts can transform your financial planning capabilities to support your strategic growth objectives. With the ability to integrate data from all across your enterprise with your financial planning system and an unlimited ability to create scenarios, you can build bottom-up plans that are flexible and reliable—and specific to your unique market.

Gear Process
Change Management

Ensure user enablement and adoption with our holistic approach to implementation. With proven change management and adoption strategies, we can ensure your investment in tech gains full adoption giving you the maximum possible return.LEARN MORE ABOUT CHANGE MANAGEMENT

Supply Chain and Operations

To better manage multichannel operations and factory-to-customer logistics, move away from siloed legacy programs and into connected cloud technologies that give you the ability to design flexible and customized systems, assess consumer demand, manage your inventory and purchase planning, and use your financial data to inform your operations. A partner like Spaulding Ridge can keep your enterprise resilient and adaptable.

Merchandise Planning

Let our experts help guide your connected planning journey, enabling integrated, omnichannel, product-level financial and assortment planning, allocation, replenishment, and price planning capabilities, all at a granular level of detail so you can stay ahead of consumer trends with the flexibility and support you need.

Financial Cycle

When it comes to procuring raw materials and inputs, you need an interconnected infrastructure that is fluid and dynamic that also offers efficiency, governance, and security. Gain full visibility and control of your strategic sourcing, procurement, invoicing, and vendor payments with a Spaulding Ridge-implemented Coupa system.

Decision Making 2
Financial Close & Consolidation

Make closeout and consolidations a breeze with OneStream—and then get a deeper level of insight into what your data is telling you to drive profit.

Data And Statistics
Modern Data Stack

Are you getting the most out of your data? An integrated data stack and flexible integrations can help show you better intel on your organization, allowing decision-makers to work faster with the right information.

Managed Services

Increase productivity, optimize performance, and minimize spending on cloud maintenance by offloading repetitive and time-intensive tasks to Spaulding Ridge’s managed services team. By putting basic upkeep in the hands of outside experts, you can enable your organization to focus on what you do best: deliver great products to your customers.

Modern Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry is constantly changing, following trends, regulations, and economic pressures. As ESG becomes a greater priority for the industry, Spaulding Ridge’s SE&OP solution integrates it into the same process through which you make your most important strategic decisions. Track carbon emissions as you track profitability. Implement inventory, shelf life, and obsolescence management to stay on top of your supply and help address food waste. Strengthen your product lifecycle management to make reformulations and packaging efficient so you can meet standards and drive marketability. Whatever your goals, we’ll equip you to achieve them—and maximize profits. 

Learn more about our SE&OP offering here.  

Unsure Where to Start? We Can Help.

Systems for Profitability.

CPG and Retail companies are increasingly turning from legacy systems to fully cloud-based business technology to adapt to the changing landscape. This transition promises new insights and new capabilities, allowing organizations to see a clearer picture of their performance and their opportunities. With a dedicated partner, organizations can bring their systems together to maximize performance. We can provide end-to-end solutions for finance, sales, procurement, strategy, adoption, managed services, and beyond. We can provide a free evaluation trial to create a proof of concept using any of our partner tools, as well as provide a free Demo or Workshop for your team.

We work with you to create a tailored solution that is right for your business, putting you in control of your sales, revenue, finance, and procurement operations. VIEW ALL CLOUD APPLICATION TECHNOLOGIES

Top-tier cloud CPG software will change the way you do business.

The Organizational Effect

Connecting your tech for better insights.

A modern CPG/Retail company produces terabytes of data every day. That data can inform your decisions on everything from supply chain management to product development—if you have the structures in place to use it. Data needs to flow freely between enterprise-wide, allowing you to see a single source of truth on supply, demand, manufacturing, operations, and finance.

Spaulding Ridge builds cloud systems that streamline data intake, automate manual processes, and allow you to assess your business holistically from multiple perspectives. Spaulding Ridge can build your organization a system using top-tier cloud CPG and retail software that produces trusted data you can reliably use to make better business decisions.

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Confidently Implement Cloud CPG and Retail Software

Reach your goals and enhance operational visibility with a strategic cloud implementation partner. Spaulding Ridge experts are ready to help you transform your organization.

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