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An Ecosystem of Accurate Data at Your Fingertips

Share, integrate, and analyze unified, governed data across your business to make better business decisions. With Spaulding Ridge’s expertise in building Snowflake-powered digital solutions for manufacturers, you can achieve:

A single source-of-truth

Accurate insights into business performance

Third-party platforms connected to Snowflake

Cloud-powered data analytics for your business

To make the right financial decisions, it can help to have a dedicated source of data.

Spaulding Ridge uses Snowflake to build data marts that can provide reporting for a specific business line, department, or subject area. Manufacturers can tailor data marts for finance departments, seeing several benefits:

    • Boosting the velocity of query performance and data analysis
    • Accessing data easily
    • Customizing reporting to fit department needs
    • Improving data quality through visualization tools, business rules, and analytics
    • Gaining better performance analytics and business processes
    • Integrating third-party platforms to further enhance data accuracy

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A Modern Data Stack to Stay Ahead of Competition

A modern data stack can allow manufacturer’s to integrate legacy systems and other data sources into your technology ecosystem, delivering real-time visibility into your business, enhancements in reporting capabilities, and key insights to drive business performance.

Spaulding Ridge creates and implements customizable structures tailored to the manufacturer.

With a modern tech stack in place, drive value in the form of: 

  • Third-party integration for enhancing data accuracy
  • Real-time visibility into manufacturing operation efficiencies
  • Comprehensive data supporting business decisions across the scope of manufacturing

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Sales Performance

Save Time While Enhancing Accuracy

Our team of experts can build a solution powered by Snowflake that works for the entirety of your manufacturing department.


Financial and enterprise reporting

ERP data consolidation

Financial planning and forecasting

Cloud spend management

Consumption-based billing and visibility

AI-driven outcomes

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