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Flowserve is a world-leading manufacturer and aftermarket service provider of comprehensive flow control systems. Founded in 1790, Flowserve has over 200 facilities, operates in over 50 countries, serves over 10,000 customers, and employs over 16,000 people.


Wasted Time and Inaccurate Information Impacts Flowserve at a Scale

Flowserve found it challenging to manage their contract workflows across the company. With multiple departments, large quantities of contracts, and different needs for the contracts themselves, managing contracts through snail mail, email, spreadsheets, and phone calls was not working. With so many different sources of contracts, this created more work for the Flowserve team, more rework, and missed deadlines that cut into the bottom line.

“A lot of times, contracts would expire, and we’d just keep working off the same pricing. That caused us to lose out on opportunities to cover costs and enlarge our margins,” mentioned Flowserve Project Manager, Legal Operations Dundi Thompson.

Flowserve needed a better solution to automate their contracting processes to increase operational efficiency.


A Powerful Technology Tool Lays the Foundation of Advanced Operational Efficiency

After collaborating to understand the bottlenecks Flowserve currently faced, we recommended they implement a full contract lifecycle management system using DocuSign CLM connected to Salesforce. With this integrated system, Flowserve now had one single source of truth for all their contracts that were easily searchable and customized with permission controls.

The system also provided enhanced security measures for the Flowserve team, protecting sensitive pricing information through permission profiles for specific users. These extra data security measures created peace of mind for the team knowing data and information was managed appropriately.

The implementation also proved a major success with Flowserve’s sales department. By integrating Flowserve’s CLM and CRM we provided a comprehensive outlook on the day-to-day status of sales contracts and their related projects and opportunities. Sales teams could see in real-time what stage of the contract lifecycle specific client contracts were currently in, ensuring sales knew exactly how and when to approach clients to close more deals. With enhanced accuracy within the contract lifecycle pipeline, sales representatives had the ability to generate contract agreements with just the click of a button and collaborate on contracts, all in one, central location.

Enhanced contract visibility helped Flowserve better understand contract performance, to drive better insights tailored to Flowserve’s specific contract demands. Legal teams had automated, customizable workflows for specific contracting processes, leading to improved efficiency. For example, when specific clauses within contracts are changed, the system would automatically alert the correct legal team members of the change and bring them to the exact location on the document.

Finally, we integrated Flowserve’s NDA process into DocuSign CLM, enabling legal teams to instantly send the agreements with a couple clicks. The NDAs are then stored in one location, where they are easily searchable.

As a result of these new capabilities, Flowserve can monitor the full contract process at a glance to aid sales teams, estimate turnaround time on legal reviews, enhance the accuracy of pipeline information, and use data analytics and visualizations to understand trends and improve business outcomes.


Automation and Enhanced Capabilities Lead to Real Outcomes

The results were night and day for Flowserve. After our implementation, Flowserve’s full contract lifecycle became completely automated and centralized, eliminating multiple manual processes. With the added time back for employees, Flowserve increased their profit margins by a whopping 30%, and significant savings from the workflow:

  • 40% faster legal review time
  • 30 hours saved weekly for administrators
  • Decreased unnecessary legal reviews by approximately 1,000
  • Created a contracting foundation for approximately 1,300 international channel partners and their contracts

“It was really helpful to have someone who knows what’s going on—not just at a project level, but at a company level—to help inform our design and build,” added Thompson.

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