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Assembly Health is a modern healthcare services company specializing in revenue cycle management and back-office support for healthcare providers in 40+ states.
By providing customizable business solutions to over 4,000 long-term care communities and 200+ physician groups, Assembly Health helps to grow organizations’ revenue.


Inaccuracies in Data Acquisition Creating Confusion for Customers 

As part of its work, Assembly Health must ingest data from a wide range of practices and providers and provide analysis. Assembly Health’s data acquisition processes were creating inaccuracies, making it more difficult for them to see how patients interacted with client practices. Encounter data was scattered across different sources that arrived in multiple batches throughout the day, leading to confusion and incomplete related datasets. In addition, site visits, patient encounters, billing, and more were all tracked through multiple sources in multiple formats, challenging Assembly Health to effectively interpret the data. Assembly Health knew they needed a better and more efficient data pipeline to provide more useful information to their clients.


A Modern Data Stack and Usable Data  

Spaulding Ridge partnered with Assembly Health to implement a modern cloud data architecture using Snowflake’s data cloud, Azure Data Factory for scalable data movement, and DBT for data transformation. By centralizing, transforming, and providing visibility into the data, we empowered Assembly with trustworthy data and a strong foundation for analytics. Our solutions allowed Assembly to consolidate provider data from various sources into a 360-degree view, empowering Assembly Health’s clients with advanced analytics and data-driven decision-making capabilities. 

Our implementation allowed Assembly Health to track in-person patient encounters more accurately, including the number of encounters per healthcare site, allowing clients to improve their tailored care strategies and increase quality of care. With the power of this simplified solution, encounter data became much easier to use, helping Assembly Health and their clients to make more informed decisions. 


More Time Spent on Client Service, Less Time Spent on Data Management 

The implementation totally transformed Assembly Health’s data acquisitions process, saving valuable staff time and creating an automated end-to-end pipeline. Along with this, personalized reporting was brought in line with Assembly Health’s business goals and KPIs. With less time focusing on the back-and-forth aspect of interpreting data, Assembly Health could deliver greater client value and ROI.  

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Brad Morehead, CEO & Michael Oswalt, CTO at Assembly Health

Assembly was struggling to scale their business and needed a technology that could scale with them. After partnering with Spaulding Ridge, Assembly is now able to scale their business appropriately and continue to grow.