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Azurity Pharmaceuticals is a healthcare leader specializing in developing innovative, high-quality medicines that serve overlooked patients. As a pharmaceutical innovator, Azurity provides unique and accessible medications, leveraged by its integrated capabilities and vast partner network to expand commercial product portfolios and late-stage pipelines.


Lack of interpretable Data and Scalability Leads to Roadblocks

Azurity’s sales reps and decision makers rely on data from across the organization to inform outreach to physicians, providers, and pharmacies. Prior to working with Spaulding Ridge, however, Azurity’s data infrastructure that fed this system was complicated and costly, slowing down Azurity’s growth. Their data model needed to keep up with the demands of their sales team and to quickly onboard data on new drugs for greater sales effectiveness scalability. Their data was also partially inaccessible to critical groups of the business, leading to reporting bottlenecks that slowed down decision-making. With the goal of enabling growth through technology, Azurity turned to Spaulding Ridge for help.


Optimize Transparency Through a Modern Data Stack and Cloud Software

Spaulding Ridge partnered with Azurity to establish a modern data stack to support automation and long-term scalability. We developed a re-platform process, bringing Azurity’s formerly outsourced processes and platform in-house through an internal modern data stack that included ingestion using Fivetran and Azure Data Factory, data warehousing through Snowflake, and data engineering with dbt all feeding Azurity’s existing reporting and visualization functionality. Our implementation aligned with two major goals:

  • Standardizing data approaches and building a scalable data model to feed into the sales intelligence platform that supports Azurity’s Commercial Operations and Analytics team. By ingesting data from across the organization, Azurity could see a holistic view of sales and marketing, supporting revenue growth, and opportunity targeting.
  • Increase efficiency through automation and provide an in-house technology solution, allowing Azurity’s team to own and manage their own data.

Decreases in Third Party Costs and Increased Automation Provides a Streamlined New Normal

With this solution in place, Azurity could provide actionable analytics in real-time and alleviate bottlenecks for faster decision-making. Azurity is now equipped to support their customers and gain opportunistic insights to gain trust and drive account growth through a complete Customer 360, leveraging internal and external data. With the help of Spaulding Ridge’s customized implementation plan, Azurity saw:

  • Accelerated data onboarding for new drugs from 1-3 weeks to 1-2 days—allowing Azurity to build its portfolio quicker
  • Reduced Azurity’s reliance on third-party systems, reducing cost and providing greater ownership over their data ecosystem
  • Reduced costs related to data storage and computation
  • With a revamped Snowflake platform feeding into Azurity’s sales intelligence tool, supporting sales tactics through data
  • A solid but flexible foundation to build upon for future use cases, from continued data model development to potential AI/ML enablement
  • Accelerated query speeds and improved performance of weekly ETL data processing time from 17 hours to 26 minutes (on avg)

Rashad Rahman, Director of Enterprise Data & Analytics at Azurity, mentioned, “This marks the beginning of a new era for Azurity Enterprise Data!”

Moving forward, Azurity is set up for future success streamlining their operations, enjoying fewer manual workflows, and most importantly, delivering innovative medications to patients.

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