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Telemynd is a healthcare leader in delivering comprehensive mental health services to increase care and improve outcomes.


Where to Start when Implementing a new Solution

As a connected business with a strong digital footprint, Telemynd knew they needed a solution to bring their data together and make it as usable as possible. Telemynd connected with Spaulding Ridge to ensure that solution was set up for maximum automation and efficiency, reducing the overall cost of the system and getting them to value faster. 


Meaningful Partnerships Leads to Meaningful Results

Spaulding Ridge worked with Telemynd to understand their needs and helped develop a plan to implement Snowflake for maximum effect. We helped connect the system to Telemynd’s CRM, ensuring Telemynd had all the data and connectors they needed for accuracy and comprehensiveness right off the bat.  

Our implementation also provided a wide range of features such as single-sign-on capabilities, secure customized login access, central onboarding data, and streamlining data processes to save time and align departments. Throughout the process, a detailed onboarding process helped align the organization to effectively utilize their new system and collaborate. 


Personalized Planning Leading to Potential Future Collaboration

Following the implementation, Telemynd immediately saw positive results in terms of better data accuracy and comprehensiveness. Our work also helped Telemynd reduce costs by using the system efficiently, keeping additional consumption charges to a minimum. The automation and customizable workflows we created helped Telemynd save staff time, allowing them to spend more time on analysis, and other value-add activities. In addition, our work set Telemynd’s tech stack up for long-term expandability.   

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