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Adsmurai, a technology company specialized in strategy, optimization, and automation of digital marketing campaigns, scales the real growth of brands, bringing together the best talent and innovative solutions.


Repetitive Processes Slowing Client Value

Adsmurai was facing challenges in managing marketing data for their different clients, resulting in ad-hoc solutions being created for each client and wasted time that could have been spent on analysis. Their existing data model was not scalable, and with Adsmurai focused on growth, they needed a redesign.


One Data Model to Speed Up Client Service

Our solution began with Adsmurai’s data architecture. We restructured their data model so it consulted a single table for all customers, allowing for a more centralized and straightforward access to data. Following that, we built a standardized project and a set of tools that helped Adsmurai streamline the process of report building. Our work used the standardized data model to allow teams to generate reports with just a few clicks, simplifying the process of client service. As we built the solution, we kept future growth in mind, ensuring Adsmurai could continue growing.


Accelerated Client Service through Data

Adsmurai can now benefit from embedded reports that display relevant client data dynamically, giving the right information to the right members of their delivery teams. Thanks to access filters, Adsmurai can ensure the highest level of security for sensitive data while still giving the right people easy access. By applying features such as refinements, multi-model strategy, selective include statements, and automated LookML dashboards, Adsmurai can automatically replicate all reports. As a result, Adsmurai can accelerate its client service, delivering better outcomes through an increased amount of time spent on analysis.

“[Spaulding Ridge] understood our needs and customized their services accordingly. They provided support throughout the project, answering all queries and seamlessly integrating with our team. We are grateful for Spaulding Ridge’s unwavering support and commitment and would choose them again for future projects.”

– Luis Carrillo, Operations Director, Adsmurai

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