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This fast-food restaurant chain has gained popularity for its commitment to quality, its customer service, its values-centered approach to business, and its distinctive corporate culture.

They serve nearly 3,000 locations and have an annual revenue of over $10B.  


Disconnected, Disorganized Procurement 

This restaurant chain struggled with managing its procurement contracts, with both direct and indirect spending handled through a highly manual and non-transparent contract review process. The restaurant also lacked a central repository of all signed contracts and was unable to easily track contracts through the review process, leading to operational inefficiencies throughout the organization.

These technical challenges presented numerous business problems. The restaurant was at risk of signing non-standard agreements due to their lack of visibility, expensive legal time was often used to search for and analyze past contracts one-by-one, and leadership lacked insight into organizational obligations. Spaulding Ridge was tasked with building a complete contract lifecycle management solution to enable the restaurant’s legal team to manage, track, and report on their agreements.


A Centralized Contract Lifecycle Management and Analysis System  

Spaulding Ridge partnered with the restaurant’s legal operations team to implement a full-featured contract lifecycle management (CLM) system, powered by DocuSign and usable across the entire procurement function. We provided custom workflows and templates for common contract types, streamlined processes for NDAs and expirations, and flexible ownership capabilities. In addition, the system included a centralized repository of all contracts executed across the company and a set of data tools that allowed the legal team to quickly report on their legal obligations around procurement.


Lower Risk, Greater Efficiency

Our implementation went live in May of 2023. Since then, the restaurant has reduced risk with standardized agreements. We anticipate the increased visibility will also lead to more efficient direct and indirect spend through allowing the restaurant’s strategic leaders to see the full picture.

Future Rollouts:

Enhanced Contract Vendor Management 

Moving forward, we plan to integrate our solution with the restaurant’s vendor management tool, creating a single streamlined process for procurement efforts and allowing the team to initiate supplier- and engagement-level contracts directly from the vendor tool. This will also give full visibility on contract status and engagement status with a supplier.  


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